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Multiple (Male) Orgasms

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I have an unusual ability. I have only experienced this ability during masturbation in the shower (I will explain more about this). Sometimes when I am in the shower, I masturbate. I have discovered that after having an orgasm, if I continue to stimulate myself, I remain erect, and can achieve multiple orgasms (I have had up to 5 or 6), successively, with no breaks in between. The next orgasm takes a little longer to reach but it is more intense. And the orgasm is always accompanied by ejaculation. I think the shower is advantageous because it is more convenient. There is no clean up, so there is nothing hindering me from continued stimulation. I haven't tried this during sex, because I haven't had much sex for one thing, and I have only had sex with a woman who isn't on birth control and we used a condom, so there is a necessary break to clean up and I cannot change condoms because it is too much of a break, so I won't remain erect. Maybe if she were on birth control and there is no worry of clean up, I could continue with multiple orgasms. I am wondering about this. Why do I have this unusual ability? Is there a physiological difference with me? Is it all in the mind? How can I harness this ability to make sex better with my girlfriend, for the both of us?
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