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Support system

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A few people are pulling out which is terrifying, but the goals that were set when I was referred have been reached. I'm also finding it extremely hard to understand why I should carry on engaging with the other people. I feel like everything is going to be impossible now - I've absolutely no chance of helping myself. I genuinely don't know what to do. It's like I'm getting lost along the way.


  • louisa982louisa982 Thesite.org oldie Posts: 286 The Mix Regular
    hey butterfly. firstly *hugs*. Im so sorry to hear that people are pulling out and i can understand how scary that must be for you! I'm afraid i don't know everything but i do know this- You spend lots and lots of your own time helping other people. You are always so supportive and a lot of the time put yourself second and everyone else first. You need to be okay too. You are such a lovely amazing person and deserve to be happy. I wish i could help you more. Maybe you can give a few more details and maybe i can? I will try and make it possible for you. And if all else fails.Tea.Tea is priority and makes a lot of things better <3 xx
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    Hi butterfly,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are losing your support system, and it's only natural to feel scared and lost. It's tough to be able to carry on trusting others when people pull out - are you talking about healthcare professionals or someone else? If you do have others supporting you, do you feel able to trust them?

    I agree with Louisa that you spend a lot of time here being so kind and supportive, but you matter and it's important to look after yourself too *hug*
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