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Son 16 and his gf is 14

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Hi my 16 year old son is sleeping with a 14 year old girl he has said he's not doing anything wrong because she consented and they have been together over 3 months and it was her who pushed for it we have told him its against the law but he seems to think there is some sort of Romeo and Juliet law in the UK which I haven't heard of is there such a thing but under a different name.


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    Can't argue from a law standpoint, but from my personal experience and that of many of my friends (some who became sexually active at 13, [I was 15] voluntarily, without a regret) I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with that. You should know that it is fruitless to forbid your son contact with his girlfriend. He will find ways to see her anyway and he will continue what he is doing. He will just hide it better from you and this will hurt your relationship with your son. I think the best course of action for you is knowing that he is being safe about this (talking about contraception as much as not going to "hiding spots" to have sex to evade you). You could also tell him you'd him to invite his GF over so you can talk to her and discuss it with her and listen to her point of view.

    Yes, from a legal standpoint she might not be able to give consent, but please don't believe that everyone under the age of consent is therefor automatically pressured and coerced into sex. Again, from my own experience and those of my friends, we knew very well what we wanted and made a conscious decision about it.

    I don't know about the law in the UK, but of what I heard about your cops I have a hard time believing that they gonna give a rat's ass about two teenagers having consensual sex.
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    Hi Mrs B :wave:

    You might find reading the following article we have here at TheSite helpful for you, which talks about the age of consent in a bit more detail. Legally - the age of consent law is really to prevent younger people from being abused by adults - rather than to police teenagers of a similar age, who are having consensual sex - which is what StrubbleS mentioned.

    It is still illegal for your son and his GF to be having sex, which is something that is worth keeping in mind. The law is really there to protect young people from making decisions that potentially, they may not yet be mature enough to make yet. Really, whatever age you are - sex should always be consensual, between both your son and his GF - and neither of them should feel pressure to do something that they are not feeling ready to do yet.

    You might want to have a look at Citizens Advice page which discusses a range of issues, and the legal rights for under25's, which you may find useful.

    Hope this helps! :)
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