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Writing a book

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I have often fantasised about having the free time to write a story however I am always to busy to even try, sometimes I scribble something now and again.

I have started a couple of different stories about different topics, one a detective story, another a story which is just incidents from a mans life.

I would like to post some of my stuff here to gauge opinions as I wonder whether anyone thinks its worth me continuing to write stories, would you be keen to read it or not, honestly is totally appreciated.

Many thanks...


Story 1

It's been an exciting first day. I Listened to pink flood on the final descent - bliss - the Thai landscape was slowly coming into picture, the redness from the emerging sun was casting life and turning the black fields green, I felt at one with the earth, pink floyd singing 'is there anybody in there' in my ear, and I felt that soon I will be swinging from a hammock in the trees and feeling like a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl, only the lost soul will be my being, and the fish bowl, a beautiful sincere environment which would take a child's enjoyment at running the wrong way up an escalator, and triple it...

When we touched down at Bangkok to catch the internal transfer flight, we were met with the slowest passport control checker in Bangkok, the other ques were moving four times as quick as ours and for a good reason. I may have travelled to Poland and Bulgaria with ease, but this guy was the central scrutiniser and homed in on my machine spun passport which happened in the great trouser wash disaster of 2007.

Begin passport control madness. Its five minutes to takeoff and they are still debating, they asked me for alternative ID and of course, I had a request from Suffolks finest constabulary to surrender my drivers license a few days before this plane journey and I popped it in the post two days before Thailand so I said no and just grinned. I had been up for 24 hours at this point and was beginning to sway, when I was finally given the go ahead I ran about as fast as I could to stand patiently in another queue. After our two bottles of Volvic were confiscated, the run continued all the way to the end of the corridor and with a burning chest and half a collapsed lung, we made it. Anna gave me comforting words but all I could do was sit in the chair in silence with my eyes closed while I waited for my stressed Eric vein to response to a heartbeat which was slowly resembling what co be considered to be within a normal range.

When the pilot took off, it felt like the blood drained out of my body from head to toe and my empty body was sent up to 11 thousand feet with the impeding thought of immigration control in Phuket... Did I pay for this? Well it is Halloween.


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