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Mental health & the evenings

*BananaMonkey**BananaMonkey* Lyrical PosterPosts: 5,427 Part of The Furniture

So I often find my mental health gets a lot harder to manage in the evenings. I am struggling at the minute with the thoughts and things and I am struggling with staying distracted, and finding things to do to take my mind of things.

I try the usual, colouring, watching a film, having a bath or a shower, listening to music, but they only help for about 10 minutes. I sometimes just go to sleep when I feel really bad, but that results in me being more tired the following day cos I have had too much sleep. My body is only used to about 7 hours a night.

I guess I am wondering if others struggle more in the evenings and what helps you get through them.

Thanks for reading

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  • Jacob101Jacob101 Posts: 687 Incredible Poster
    I have the same problem and i try all those things you have tried as well and i am wanting to know what helps others as well because its like my thoughts get alot worse during the evenings and i still havent found something to help them go away.
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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I've often found that I have the same issue. I tend to phone a friend, or just text a friend so I feel less alone to some extent. Or perhaps go for a walk, depending on how safe it is, just something to keep yourself busy, if you have a wii try playing that to keep you distracted, I find I feel okay when I'm on the move/doing something
  • plugitinplugitin Noob Posts: 2,197 The Mix Regular
    When I'm struggling I tend to turn to keeping myself active to try and keep distracted - sometimes this means going for a walk or a drive, sometimes yoga or relaxing stretching videos, sometimes cooking or baking, sometimes knitting. I also talk to people sometimes if that's what I'm missing - it can be hard to work out if it's because I need human contact, or because I feel plain rubbish.

    I definitely don't find things like movies helpful because it just doesn't engage me, but different strokes for different folks!
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    I often struggle with evenings too, especially when I'm so low I don't have the concentration or desire to do anything, including watching TV. Weekends are also hard for me, as I don't have as much structure, I struggle to fill my time.
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