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GF Snooped on me

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My GF went through my laptop and looked at old pictures and whatever else is on my laptop, I cant even remember whats on there to be honest but the point is I feel really disapointed and peed off by it.

We have spoke as she admitted it and I am annoyed.

She started saying that I dont ever ask her anything about herself and saying that i dont tell her everthing?

I said that i just dont think like her, we been living together for 6 months and i dont know what she expects, how much more can i find out, i dont understand!

I think that no matter whether theres a problem or not, she has no right to invade my pricvacy.

She complained that i only comment on the here and now and the recent which is true, and i dont think that will change considering i have always beeen like that.

Sometimes i am fully aware that I have nothing to say and i rack my brains and cant think of nothing to say.

I dont know how to progresss or what to say to her?

Any advice appreciated.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Sounds like she is not even apologetic about it. I would start to lock my devices. If she accuses you of being distrustful, tell her it was her who was distrustful by snooping and that she has to earn that back. Quite honestly, this sounds merely a symptom of a way bigger issue that's going on your relationship.
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    Hi localboy,

    It does seem unfair that she didn't speak to you about what bothered her before actually invading your privacy, and it's completely understandable for you to be annoyed :grump:

    Now that you know how she feels though, perhaps its worth having another conversation about it, when things die down a bit - do you think you could do that? If this is a relationship you think is worth saving, perhaps exploring more deeply why she felt the need to do this could help in the long term. Our article on talking to you partner could help, have a look when you can.

    Good luck, do let us know how you get on *hug*
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