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Why do I keep doing this

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Im super low at the moment i keep making the same mistake with a bloke really that is quite scum of the earth... Ive known him on off for 4 years now and know exactly what hes like makes out he is single when hes not compulsive liar etc... Well I went with him again April time when his then gf found out about it and gave me a bollocking wasn't a excuse but he has a mental illness and he was making out how ill he was and that how bad she treated him. She kicked him out then his ex from 3 years turned up and theyve been back together ever since. This woman is not a particularly nice person as when i knew her 3 years ago i told her he was cheating on her with me and this other woman only for her to say lets be friends and used it get one over on me.

Anyway the ex gf who hes now left her for stupid as i know was giving her info from this girls husband yes the now gf is married and passing stuff back and fourth thinking i was helping also a very bad move! I saw him out Saturday had way too much to drink and saw him and ended up sleeping together i told the ex what id done and she said id thrown her under a bus despite protesting she doesn't want him back but decides to talk to him when he out just to wind other girl up or says stuff to him so he goes back to ask her whats this about.

I feel i have embarrassed myself and mad a bad move which i continue to do with due to my self esteem etc yet they do stuff and think its ok....
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