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keep making same mistakes

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I need some serious advice on why i keep going wrong and making the same mistakes... Anyway i met this guy four ago thought he was great then things started to happen and found out he wasnt single as he made out was living with another woman and had a gf. I contacted the then gf told him he was cheating with me and she said lets be mates - bad move as she messed me about and used me to get one over on me.

Three years down the line ive slept with him on and off him making out he was single lying to me i did know this deep down but just didnt want to admitt he was bad. In april he said he was really ill with his bipolar so felt sorry for him and slept with him he then was kicked out by his then gf only for the girl from 3 years ago to turn up and is now back with her.

This girl in question is married with a kid and not particularly a nice person so i made an alliance with the ex gf and hus and was passing information on - what was i thinking??? Saw him sat was extremely drunk but ended up sleeping with him afterwards he was like i need to be alone and then i saw hed stolen 15 out my purse (hes known for this) i told the ex not realising the consequences of what i done and she has now said ive chucked her under the pus and told everyone in my local.

Im not a nasty person but very unsure of myself and because of my lack of confidence etc continue to be dragged in by thiis guy :(
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