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My Boss?

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Okayy here's the thing there's an age gap! I don't mind however people look down on it. Oh and I have trust issues, sounds ideal right? He keeps trying to get me to open up but I have no idea if he sees us as friends or more! I'm really starting To fall for this guy.. But part of me wants to run! I don't want to straight up tell him how I feel as he may not feel the same and that would be awkward. I don't want to put pressure on him but I need to know where I stand!

Any advice would be much appreciated ❤️


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    Hi Bethscarlettx,

    Sounds like a hard situation to be in :no: You mention liking your boss, and you seem to be getting close, however has anything ever been said on his part or any signs that he might be interested in more? It's hard to explore relationships at work, especially if things don't work out - which is sad to think about before starting but it's hard not to! Have you mentioned how you feel to any other colleagues for advice as they know you both?

    We have a useful article on Love at work - have a look when you can :)

    Do let us know how you get on *hug*
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    ABORT ABORT ABORT! This is a really bad idea. Idk how big the age gap is, but there DEFINITELY is a difference in power, since he is your boss. I am almost convinced you overestimate his part in your attraction. Your fantasy only plays you the desired outcome, the happy ending, but let me tell you that there are twenty ways this goes really south.

    1. Don't shit where you eat (don't date co-workers. It's simply bad form)
    2. Big age gaps, hmmm... It's a case by case decision, but you sound really young and idk how old he is, but if he has some kind of decision making/leadership power, probably considerably older
    3. He is your boss. This can really get him in trouble, i.e. accusations of favoritism.

    Step off.
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