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Am I not liked?

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Im 26 years old. Just give up my job to start a new one. My old boss was treating me and my colleagues like outcasts apart from her friend who works with us and is treated with more respect than us.

Anyway the reason im here, is that I have my own friends who care about me. But, my own sister in laws both act like im not alive. I have never had a fall out with them but they both ignore me. Treat my sisters like best friends, go visit them on their birthday and even gave them gifts. But for me, not even a 'happy birthday' and I have them on facebook so they know when its my birthday. I just understand whats going on. I have been upset by this and actually feel like hiding in my house. Never go to family events again and dont even want to go outside where I have to act like im happy when im not. Any advice could help please... thanks


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey there lacey88 :wave:

    Im sorry to hear that you were having some issues with your previous role, it's always difficult when we have a tricky boss to work with. It sounds like you have found a new job, though, which is fab. So well done to you! You can put that behind you :)

    Extended family members can be difficult, all family relationships can be from time to time. :yes: I'm sorry to hear you are feeling excluded by them, I wonder if you have ever spoken to them about how you are feeling lately? Do you think this has been going on for a while, or has this started more recently, with them not saying Happy Birthday to you?

    It could be the case that they don't check Facebook very regularly, and it has slipped their minds. It can be a hard thing to not take this personally, and we naturally feel left out and hurt if we feel we have been forgotten. It sounds like this has really effected you, so perhaps you might want to think about talking to your sisters in law, about how you are feeling? The best way to clear up any misunderstanding, which this may be, is to have an honest and open chat with them. It can be a scary thing, building up to talk to someone, but it'll help you clear the air and hopefully improve your relationship. :yippe:

    I hope that helps you out a little bit. Let us know how things get on for you x*hug*
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