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New Labour Leadership

**helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
There's been a lot of negative press on Corbyn since he won the leadership - anyone been following it and have views?

And a follow-up question: what would be your top 3 policies in a political manifesto in 2015?


  • plugitinplugitin Posts: 2,197 Boards Champion
    I don't think I can comment on his policies because I'm really not close enough to politics right now - but what has been interesting is how he has been portrayed in the media. I saw something going round a bit ago about how he had been given nothing but bad press in the media *yet* he had still been elected. Now, the media continues to do its worst - what will that mean for him? He'll be in the limelight more so more people are open to what the media is saying - will this affect him being top bod of Labour more than anyone else because I'm pretty sure I've not heard anything positive in the media.

    Personally, I think he is needed in politics - it seems he is standing up to the status quo and even if I don't agree with what he is doing, it's about time someone did. He has my full respect for not singing the national anthem and it surprises me how much interest that has generated.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You can see all the bad press is a deliberate smear campaign by the Conservatives and their friends. Some of the stuff is a bit desperate. "He dresses like a schoolteacher". Yes, he's more concerned about policies than image, as opposed to the shiny-faced, stage managed pig fucker fronting the tories.
    Top 3 policies:
    1. Renationalise the railways (which Corbyn is proposing) and expand electrification.
    2. Stop asset stripping (sorry, "privatisation") of other state oragnisations, such as the NHS.
    3. Invest in renewable energy, home insulation and biogas to cut fossil fuel use.
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