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Heli Skiing at Zermatt was great fun!

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First of all, heli-skiing is an activity of downhill skiing / snowboarding which takes place in untouched snow, on remote mountainsides, away from the groomed slopes of a ski resort. What separates heli-skiing from other types of freeriding and backcountry skiing is that skiers and snowboarders are flown by helicopter to the top of these remote slopes. Using a helicopter allows the skier or snowboarder to quickly reach stunning heights and spectacular slopes otherwise difficult to access. Heli-skiing is a truly unique experience: it combines the magical sensation of getting a bird’s-eye view of the mountain world, and the thrill of gliding through powder snow, down pristine slopes may-be never skied before. This is why heli-skiing has become a popular thrill-seeking adventure, attracting more skiers and snowboarders every year, from first-timers to expert free-riders.

Thanks to its successful development, heli-skiing as a more adventurous variant of skiing is becoming increasingly popular among skiers and snowboarders, from experienced free-riders to off-piste first timers.

Winter fans are constantly encouraged to push further their skiing/snowboarding adventure; convenient infrastructure at ski resorts giving access to off-piste skiing areas constant exploration of new slopes revealing attractive descents, availability of high-tech safety gear for skiing in the backcountry, increasing number of travel agents specializing in adventurous holidays… are among the major factors.

Heli-skiing stands out because of the incredible freedom and convenience it gives - in remote areas- for moving from one summit to the next, and for providing a large choice of pristine slopes and powder runs.

Furthermore, heli-skiing is practiced in selected places, carefully chosen by professional and highly skilled guides leading the groups and striving to minimize the risks associated with this activity. This allows skiers/snowboarders to enjoy the natural environment -and the infinite joy of heli-skiing- with a feeling of safety, regardless of the degree of mountain experience and snowpack knowledge they may have.

For me, though the heli skiing was terrific and our meeting our ski club friends again was wonderful, I had to cut short the skiing since I aggravated the injuries my ex caused, and got me in a lot of pain. After some 9 hours of skiing (which was enough in itself anyway!), instead I went paragliding round the lower parts of the Zermatt ski resort. It was simply beautiful! I come home with my daughter and family feeling really good.

Skiing doesn't have to be expensive. At first you join a ski club, or find a learning centre online. You hire skiis, jacket, helmet, boots but the clubs or the group you are with will supply you everything. Thats how I started, just seven years ago. Skiing has made a huge difference to my confidence and general outlook on life. Of course I experience fear just before launching off a peak our helicopter has dropped us on, but once launching off, that fear goes to be replaced by an adrenaline rush second to none!

It's good being back though I hope to be going again this time next weekend, and taking things a bit easier. Just not going down the bunny slope. haha! My heli skiing experience was absolutely fabulous. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was an experience that will never be forgotten and I will be going again very soon. :)
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