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Crushes D:

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ok so im in a real complicated position and i dont know who to talk to about it! so im extremely sorry if this is longer than epexted but theres this lad hes 28.. im 19 hes also engaged D: but thing is i really like him, like hes always on my mind, i always talk to him and i cant avoid him either becuse hes on the same livery yard as me (horsees) its silly and i know i shouldnt but i genuinally would do anything for him! ive never felt this strong about someone before. like 3 weeks ago he wasnt with her and now hes engaged and getting married in 8 month!! i supose i feel a tad jelous and a little hurt even though i know its wrong and i shouldnt! idk what to do, he nos i like him and hes fine with that, i trust him so much..


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    This is jealousy and if you act on it, bang could go his relationship though his a lot older at 28 and more mature about handling such a delicate situation should it arise; I hope not. My guess is you'll soon get over your crush when looking further afield, as you will have to because it wouldn't be right if you stole him away. A crush is only a crush, fantasizing on what might sound all romantic and sweet for a quick roll in the hay, only the harsh reality are broken dreams for the love of his future wife and broken hearts included. :(
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    SarahRSarahR Posts: 213 Trailblazer
    Hi life can be hard

    Welcome to The Site :) It sounds like you're having a tough time with this crush, especially as you have to see him so often. It's really hard when someone we like doesn't feel the same way about us and it sounds like you're finding it hard to get him out of your mind. As he's chosen to get engaged to someone else, it seems unlikely that he'll reciprocate the feelings - how would you feel about trying to be friends? If you think this would be too hard, would it be possibly to try and change your job so that you're at least not working with him quite so much? Trying to arrange more time with friends and family might help you to focus on the relationships you have where people do value you and want to be around you as well.

    We've got an article here about coping with a crush which might be useful.

    I hope this is helpful,

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    Hi SarahR

    thankyou for your response:) .. I am friends with him now, were actually good friends:) which i like .. i cant change that because its not possible at the moment .. i dont have many friends to go out places with and even when im out with them he is still in my head, i dont understand how they wasnt together like 3 week ago and then they suddenly got engaged alot of people have thought its odd .. but obvs thats not my business and i know this might sound selfish and jelous. i want to tell my best friend but i cant because im scared of what she'll think i just feel kinda hurt bcause he made me feel ike i was i duno apreciated and liked and now he has got engaged i feel like ive been pushed to the side if you get me :/
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