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I've been a bit silly - dodgy parking permit

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It's been ages since I've posted on here but I've got myself in a little mess and hoping I can get some advice here. I've been using a resident visitor parking permit lately and it has 5 lines on it, well I used an erasable pen and used it a few extra times. Before the extra uses, I had to challenge two parking tickets - one because the ink was slightly unclear, and secondly because it had slid down my dashboard obscuring the expiry date. Both challenges were successful and I didn't have to pay.
I used it today and got a parking ticket - I'm worried I've been caught out for using it those few extra times. It was clearly displayed with the correct date and reg - and when I log in to check the photos - it says photos are not available online.
Where I need advice is do I:
a) pay the fine online and hope it goes away
b) give the council a call and try and find out the reason whilst i pay

It was just given as a PCN 19 which is invalid permit.

Am no way excusing my poor choice here, just wondering if anyone has any experience of situations like this. I suppose my big worry is getting stung with a huge fine unexpectedly after paying the fine.

Any advice much appreciated


  • KaiKai Noob Posts: 231 Trailblazer

    I havent been through this but there could be 3 options.

    1. Email your council about it (you will have proof that you tried to contact them then) also, in the email say that you have already phoned and asked questions and the date you did (when you do)

    2. Phone them for confirmation on why they have fined you and pay it over the phone (they should give you a reference number) if they dont ask for one and if they try to charge you for it again you can say NO i paid it here is the reference number to prove you did pay it.

    3. Pay it online (i would do the above 2 aswell just to be sure)

    Hope it all goes well.

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    KaydenK's advice is good because it's possible that you might have been sold a parking permit by a scammer, only to line with money to line their greasy little pockets. So many of them about, too, so I hope all has gone better if you have taken his advice.
  • KaiKai Noob Posts: 231 Trailblazer
    Yeah it could be scammers aswell trying to get some cash from you, P.s I am a her lol! Kay-den (female version) Kay-dan or Kay-don (male version)
    Haha, No worries though, its probably because i havent put my gender on here haha!!

    Hope all went well with your issue!!
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