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I'm in love with my teacher

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I am a senior in high school and still genuinely in love with my sophomore chemistry teacher.
I started to fall for her one day when I walked into class and I was bawling.
She didn't even ask me what was wrong. She just let me go to the bathroom and wash my face. When I came back I talked to her about why I was upset and showed her the messages my mom was sending me and how mean they were. She was so protective over me and passionate about it. A few weeks/months later I realized the way I was feeling about her. I'm drawn to her in so much more than a sexual way. I just want to hold her. That sounds cliché but I would give anything to pull her in close to me. She's so beautiful but a natural and athletic type of beauty and she doesn't even know it... Which just makes it that much better. (But don't get me wrong... I would never persue this. She has a husband a two kids)
People always used to tell us thstbwe were so much alike... That we looked alike, acted alike, and even made the same facial expressions.
Being in love with her isn't my only problem though... Up until now I've been completely straight. Not attracted to girls at all and this whole situation is making me question my sexuality. There's so much confusion surrounding this whole situation.


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