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Confused after Confiding in Friends

apandavapandav Posts: 2,072 Boards Champion
So last week I opened up to two friends about my struggles. I just felt so alone and it was a last minute decision.

Now I told my friend M and she was very supportive.

Then I told my friend L and she was supportive. But she kept saying I'm not thinking clearly and that antidepressants are dangerous. I started to question it and thought maybe I should stop taking them. Then I though no, nows not the time....... I actually feel they are starting to help me- I'm sleeping again, feel more relaxed (less anxious) and my mood has improved! Then she started saying that M has told her stuff about me in the past (like when I've confided in her) and she's went and told her. Also she said the same things happened to me (with M saying stuff). But she says M's doing it to gossip. Both M, L and me are best friends. But I felt shocked about M as it doesn't seem in her nature to be like that! It could be that she's just concerned but I just don't know what to make of it. It started to think that maybe I need to be more careful around M but then I though no, she's not really done anything wrong. I don't know what to believe to be honest....... I'm confused! I know M told her twin sister which I'm okay with as Im equally best friends with her, but is this breaking my trust? I really don't know! L says M doesn't understand how I feel and will just pity me. But M has been so kind, about it all saying she's there if I want to talk or even just meet up for fun!

I don't know what to make of it all!


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    apandavapandav Posts: 2,072 Boards Champion
    Thanks for the reply Sarah!

    Think I just need to be more confident in my own views and opinions! That's a good point about it being their issue and not mine, think I just need to stay out of it! If it happens again , I might say something but for now I'm happy with the way things are between me and M- don't want to create a fuss about it!

    The thing is my friend L said "oh obviously doctors will be for them, they dish them out like sweets" , I guess I get her point but i think it's working for me just now!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Exactly what you said here;
    Think I just need to be more confident in my own views and opinions!

    This is relevant for your feelings about your friends, as well as whether you feel right about taking these anti-depressants (and everything else in life!) - following your gut is the best way to suss things out and trusting your own judgement is very important! It takes time and may feel like a constant trial and error, but until you feel an unsettling feeling within yourself, having confidence in you decisions and actions is key. As Sarah said, this might be a conflict between them - perhaps L doesn't like how M deals with her problems when she confides in her, and perhaps assumes you would be bothered too. Like you said, it's also possible that M was concerned for you about what you're going through and needed another person to talk to - doesn't mean she was untrustworthy. Perhaps seeing things how things go with both of them in the next few weeks, and keeping your eye out for anything unusual could help ease your doubts.

    Good luck, do let us know how you get on *hug*
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    apandavapandav Posts: 2,072 Boards Champion
    Yeah, to think of it in general I feel I like reassurance from others a lot and I know I need to be more confident in myself! To be honest I think I agree with you both on that one- that's it's L and Ms issue and L's probably more bothered than me!

    Thank you :)
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