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18-24? Get yourself on the Star Track Programme

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Our Friends over at Spark and Mettle have released the application form for the next team of star trackers.
Star Track is a fellowship programme for aspiring 18–24 year olds across the UK that runs from October to April. Each year we select around 20 extraordinary young people as our co-creators to take part in the free, part-time programme, providing them with a unique opportunity to build the strengths, skills and networks needed to succeed in both work and in life. The programme is made up of several components, including:
  • weekly 45-minute online small group coaching sessions, using Skype or Google+, led by an experienced professional;
  • a range of research activities and chances for personal reflection;
  • a “paying it forward” project designed by the co-creators to share their learning with their peers;
  • access to experts to answer questions around different career sectors and employability advice;
  • access to experiential training opportunities, internships and paid work experience; and
  • collaborative workshops and additional interactive and networking events.
If you are aged 18–24, unsure about where you’re going career-wise or need a little help getting there, the Star Track programme may be right for you. Maybe you’re lacking the confidence or resources to make big life decisions, or you’re not sure what you have to offer the world? We’d love to work with you to help you find the next steps of your journey, identify your strengths and skills, as well as introduce you to a network of awesome people that can help you get closer to your dream career
Ready to apply? Head here: http://sparkandmettle.org.uk/what-we...r-track/apply/ The deadline for all applications is Friday 28th August 2015


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    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!! :thumb:

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