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hi, my name is matheus...i just turned 19 and im looking for moving out from my parents house, but since i have a car a bike and a dog with me... my parents doesnt want the dog to stay in their house... so they told me to move out, since i dont like their rules...
i was looking online and im unsure if i get a house, it would be most likely to be rented... but the one o looked for seens to be quite expensive i belive its 4 bedroom house with garage at 1.300 per month...i would try to get house benefits to help me out in this case... because as i have 3 brothers, im sure if i move out they would be most likey to live with me... they are 15 and 16 but , i dont know if my parents would let they live with me, but the one with 16, they would... im curently in education in college in a full time student, and working part time when im free...

i dont earn that much to keep a house together, its around 900 pounds a month... but ill get more hours if needed...

i need some advice...what do i do ?


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    You'd only get housing benefit for a room in a shared house. Nothing to stop you getting something bigger, but you'd have to make up the difference though.
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    Hi Matheus,

    Sorry to hear you're having a struggle with your parents. I don't want to deter you from the decision of moving out if that is what you want but make sure you are able to financially support yourself before you make the jump. £1300 a month is a fair chunk of money. I live with my partner and we pay £900 for a 2 bedroom flat, there is no way I could afford £1300 a month on my own! Plus there is council tax and bills on top of that which you need to consider.

    I'd start by seeing if you can reach some sort of agreement with your parents for now. Is there a particular reason that you want your younger siblings to move in with you if you get your own place? If you and your siblings are having problems at home then there may be better options available to help resolve the situation.
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