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Questions about housing

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Hello all. First post here - looking for some advice regarding housing. I am 30 years old. Live near Chester - Just over the border into North Wales. Work full time (and do gardening jobs on my days off) and unfortunately I still live with my parents! House prices are ridiculous around here and I wouldn't be able to afford anywhere by myself.

My girlfriend lives some distance away in Wolverhampton, also with her parents and her young son. As well as her brother and sisters. She works part time as she spends most of her time caring for her 2 year old son. The whole situation makes it quite difficult for us to see each other - the distance, work hours, her parents won't let me stay there plus it's overcrowded, my parents don't seem overly pleased about her son staying here which is fair enough. If she can get care for her son and we're both not working she can spend the night here, or we can meet with her son during the day but travelling with a 2 year old plus the cost makes it quite difficult....

Anyway, to add to that, her parents have recently moved into a smaller place. It's very overcrowded - 7 people in a 3 bed house. Her, her son and her sister share a small box room and her relationship with her father has become unbearable. Due to this we've been discussing and exploring the option of getting a place up here together. However, as I alluded to earlier, although I work full time and more and she's willing to work up here too, we'd really struggle to pay rent. My job is low paid and she's only be able to work part time.

So my question is, as a hard working tax payer, a girlfriend who is living in cramped and almost unbearable conditions, would we be entitled to any help with housing? Council housing? Housing association, housing benefit? If so what and how would we go about doing it? Any advice would be grately appreciated!



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    You'd be waiting a long time to get any council housing.
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    Ok. Any advice or suggestions? I see other people who don't even work and have a place to live so there must be a way?
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    Pricate renting? Those people, like me, actually have needs. We can't afford pricate rents. Someone who is healthy and has a decent income will be waiting years to get a council house / flat.
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    You seem to have misread my post - we can't afford private rent and I was after advice and suggestions. I.e. What I can do not what I can't do. I don't know about housing/benefits etc. So I'm after some help. Thanks
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    On her own if she got chucked out or could prove it was unbearable then that in addition with the overcrowding would likely get her fairly high up the list, but yes she could be waiting a long while still. Like melian said people with health needs are higher up the list again. Housing associations are separate from the council's but they too have their pressures. If you're both on low incomes and qualify for some tax credits then you may qualify for some HB. But it's likely that you'll have to look for somewhere privately rented. Turn2us has a very good benefits calculator that you could try.
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    Hi there and welcome to the site.
    Sounds like a tricky situation to be in and increasingly more and more people are facing housing problems in some form or another.
    This doesn't make it any easier for you though and I can understand how frustrating it is.
    I think the suggestions about benefits are spot on from Miss Riot - you can use the guides and calculators on Turn2Us to see what benefits you may be entitled to when you and your partner live together or living separately (e.g. child benefit, child and working tax credit or housing benefit).

    In terms of your housing, your options include, but are not limited to;
    1. Private rented sector accommodation - for which you can receive Housing Benefit for but is limited to the Local Housing Allowance in that area. Some councils can also help with paying the deposit and the first month's rent but you will have to check with the local council about the details.
    2. Council or housing association accommodation - as other users have said this can take a long time to get as Council's have long waiting lists of people in need of accommodation with varying priorities. You can apply to some housing associations directly so it's worth contacting ones in the area you want to live in to see how they allocate their homes.
    3. Homelessness help from the Council - you and your partner would have to show why it's not reasonable for you to continue to stay where you currently are and that therefore you require more urgent housing from the Council. This may not be easy but you can read the Shelter advice pages on this for more clarity to see if this could apply to you.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Sam, thank you for getting in touch.

    This must be really hard for you and your girlfriend at the moment and I'm sorry to hear things are difficult right now. It's understandable that you two both want to get your own place so it's less likely to make the situation more difficult in the long run.

    It's good that you work full time and she works two I believe. Only have you looked into any properties you have seem advertised locally towards you? Have you thought about speaking to a lettings agent about your situation and what's the best way in getting your own place?

    Maybe it would be a good idea to book an appointment with the lettings agent and discuss your plans further. It's best to talk to your gf first so shes clear on the idea. Would that help? Atleast you can go about some legal advice.

    Also it might be worth going to the citizens advice bueru and asking about what benefits your gf might be entitled to and other benefits etc and if she will be able to get supportive housing. I do think its worth putting yourself down and your gf down on the council list and start bidding on places you like the sound of. Could you arrange an appointment with The Job Centre two?

    In the mean time it's best to discuss this with your gf first and take appropriate legal advice.

    Crazy Cat x
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