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Where to make an official complaint to regarding a job website????

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Hope I've posted in the correct section.

I was looking for a job on Indeed and I found one what I was interested in.

I applied for it via a different website. The site is called beepjob.co.uk

Once I filled in my details and uploaded my CV. I found out that the website shows you their CV that they've uploaded on to their website. It even shows you where they live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:no::crazyeyes

Thankfully I deleted my profile straight away.

Where can I make a formal complaint to and get this website looked at??? I don't want to complain on the website since I already tried that and their 'help' is in FRENCH!!!!

Link to website

(I am away for a week, so I'll reply when I get back)


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    I might be wrong, but I thought this was standard practice for job hunting websites? I helped my mum do a lot of it not so long ago and they all seemed to do this. Again, could be wrong!
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    No you're wrong.

    Would you want ALL of YOUR personal details on a website for EVERYONE, who has access to the internet, to find out where you live?
  • plugitinplugitin Posts: 2,197 Boards Champion
    I don't think there would be a central place to report a website too.

    It's your own responsibility for what you do on the Internet; in the future it might be worth checking out the websites before uploading your details to ensure your details stay safe?

    I appreciate that it's not a pleasant experience, but luckily you were able to delete your details as soon as you realised.
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    Hey there
    I think it may depend on what was agreed between you and the site when you registered. Do you have access to any of the Terms and Conditions - either on the website or if they were emailed to you? Have a read and see if you agreed to posting of your personal information on the website when you registered. Sometimes this can be a large amount of text in small font but by pressing the agree button you're confirming your agreement. If you did then there is probably not much you can do now apart from making sending a firm email to the website to ask them to be clearer about the use of data in the future.
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    It looks like this particular website has a slightly unusual operating method in so far as the CVs are all widely available rather than the adverts being widely available.

    That said, on most job sites, your data is made available to the recruiters, and that's not a particularly high barrier to access.

    For the CVs that I have listed online, I've included only basic details such as email and telephone and left my location vague.

    I have found that jobsite.co.uk generates a reasonable amount of leads.
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