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Are you inspired by young people in politics?

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History was made last week, when the Scottish National Party's Mhairi Black, aged 20, became the youngest MP since 1667.

Do you think that it is good to have young MPs in the House of Commons, or should people who want to be MPs work and study while they are young, so they will be more experienced when they become politicians?

How about a young Prime Minister? Chuka Umunnah is 36, and he could become the leader of the Labour Party. How old do you think somebody should have to be before they can be Prime Minister?


  • Danny!Danny! mod Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
    I am :) I think it's really impressive that a 20 year old has run and successfully become an MP. I think it's great to have younger voices represented too. I think experience is valuable, but plenty of other MPs have showed us that experience doesn't make necessarily make someone a good MP!

    I wonder, if someone standing in your area was on the younger side for an MP (say under 30), would everyone be more likely to vote for them (assuming you roughly agreed with their politics), or wouldn't it make a difference?
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