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The guy i lost it to isn't talking to me anymore

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this guy and i were talking for a solid 6 months or so and when we finally hooked up he completely stopped talking to me like nothing ever happened between us in the first place...anyone wanna help me out on this?


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    Sounds like he was playing the long con for a fuck. There could be many reasons (he could have a gf and she caught him and now he makes amends, just wanted a fuck, did you see him personally before the hookup or just texting/online? Maybe he lost interest after he met you and decided this is not what he wants in the long term), but it is irrelevant to look for some. Fact of the matter is, that he is not talking to you anymore so your only option is to move on. Sorry.
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    You said the guy you lost it on your thread. What does that mean?

    I'm not sure if there's much detail to go about how to help you because if you was able to put a bit more down then I think we would be able to understand why he never spoke to you after you and him hooked up.

    Again it could of been for a number of reasons but I dont know as there's not much detail in this thread to tell. I think your the only one to know why he stopped talking to you after knowing that the conversations you said with him may show why he stopped talking to you.

    You may of not done anything wrong and everything could of been ok at the time. Only I do think you would of know what you said or done at the time and that's why when you and him hooked up he just ignored you.

    I think its best to look back at those messages if you still got them wether that's on Facebook etc and see what conversation you had before you and him hooked up. If there's nothing on there what says you said or did anything wrong then maybe it could of been him who did wrong for whatever reason.

    Hopefully then you will know your answer.

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    Hi there,

    This sounds like a frustrating situation to be in. Like Crazy Cat, I'd also like to know what you mean by 'this guy I lost it to' do you mean your virginity?

    It would be difficult for anyone to say why he's no longer talking to you, he's the only person who can answer that question. There could be any number of reasons. It's perfectly understandable that you would like an explanation for his silence though, particularly if you slept together. So perhaps you should consider contacting him and explaining that you're not sure what went wrong or what happened and that you would like to know why he's not speaking to you anymore. What do you think?

    Like StrubbleS has suggested, it could be worth trying to put him and what he's done behind you. It's very unkind and inconsiderate of him to give you the silent treatment for no obvious reason after you got close. It doesn't paint him in a good light and could be an indication of what type of person he is, so perhaps you're better of without him.

    *hug* Row.
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