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New Job - universal credit

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Hi, I started a new job yesterday as a supervisor, after one day of training I know I am in over my head! So much information to learn, so much responsibility. I am at the age were my memory is so bad that nothing seems to stick, I know I wont be able to do the job. I feel so stressed at the thought of another day there that I feel physically sick. I had a chat with my manager who said I should give it till the end of the week and then see if I feel the same. My question is will I get sanctioned by universal credit?

I haven't actually rang up universal credit yet to let them know that I have a new job.

Any advice would be great.



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    Hi there,

    Im sorry to hear that your first day at your new job was tough but hopefully things will start to become more easier and settled for you there.

    I know you said your memory isn't at all good but could you get some help with this from your manager you spoke to? You said to him that you don't seem to be coping well and your memory is good though wouldn't he be able to give you some one to one training when your not working?

    That might be a good idea because not only will he be able to support you but in time you will become better at your job. Maybe see how the week goes and once you speak to him suggest if he would be able to give you one to one support after work and if not then you need to say to him this job isn't for you. Havent you received any on the job training?

    You should be able to receive that as that's the managers job to show you the ropes before hand. Im not sure if theres anyone at work you can also speak to about this though it might help to get a second opinion.

    Also you mentioned about your memory before being bad, have you got post stick notes or a not pad to write things down so you don't forget? Maybe having a check list and ticking off all the tasks you did on that day and do another one. Would that help or? Do you think seeing a doctor and talking to them about this help

    Whatever happens you will soon find another job as you seem to have the experience there and some skills in management so you shouldn't find it hard to look for something else.

    I hope that helps x
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    PS, I don't know much about Universal Credit but I don't think you will get sanctioned just because you were a little late to tell them that you have a job but this could effect your money as you weren't honest. Only you want to discuss this with your manager beforehand in case you don't stay there after this.
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    thank you for the replies

    the training is very quick, so much to take in.. Ive been a supervisor before, that was several years ago now... this is just so much harder... the amount of responsibility etch
    I am so stressed out its unreal... told my manager and he said give it till the end of the week and see how I feel... my memory really is bad, much worse than it once was!
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    Morning cheekyboy67. Sorry to hear things aren't going well. I'm afraid I am also not an expert on Universal Credit, and benefits advice isn't something TheSite can offer, so I would suggest you speak to the Job Centre about what your options are. I'd encourage you to consider what it is you feel you can't manage, and therefore what type of job you think you could do, as like CrazyCat says you will need to look for something else if this doesn't work out. What type of work have you done before?

    I may be wrong here, so apologies if so, but you also refer to your age - this web forum is designed for 16-25 year olds, so whilst we'll do our best to help I can't promise all our advice will be appropriate if you are older than this. If you need some further support, Citizen's Advice may be a good place to start.
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    Thank you everyone for your advice.
    Well, I resigned from the job today, one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, I felt like id betrayed the store managers faith in me. Ive been to the job centre and explained the situation to my advisor, she was very understanding.. she didn't mention any form of sanction, but I guess that's not part of her job..
    I'm sure I will receive a letter from universal credit in the next few days..
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    I think you had to do what was best for you, it seems that the job was too much at the time and there wasn't anyone who could support u so maybe it was best to go.

    I'm glad that u went straight to the job centre and told them about ur situation. That's really good to hear but would be a good idea to ring if you haven't heard from them. Maybe look out for the letter and see for yourself. Are you looking for any other work at the moment?.

    This maybe hard for you now that you left your job but I'm sure there will be something out there. Whatever that is it will be the right job. You may want to sort things out first with you and then look for work after that. You recievinh any benefits right now

    I hope everything goes ok. Please keep reaching out on here x
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    The job centre aren't the ones who decide, if appropraite, if you'll be sanctioned.
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    That's why waiting to hear back by letter about the Universal Credit will help you to sort things out for yourself and work. Are you receiving any benefits at the moment?

    If you don't hear back from them then you need to ring them up or go to the Job Centre again and tell them you haven't heard from them. That's what you need to do but hopefully things will sort out in the end.

    Please keep reaching out

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