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Really not happy :(

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Everyone has something against me no matter what good I do or bad.

I'm fed up with it and feel like running away. No ones understands and always blame me for everything. I've had enough!!!

I can't be around anyone like this. Makes me so angry. I hate myself because people just make me feel this craps and pretend everything is ok after. No one is here to support me or ask if I'm ok. Its the same old story all the time.

I cant live my life like this. I can't go anywhere because I have no where to go and cant keep pretending everything is ok. I'm fed up and I'm not telling her how I feel cuz she will just think I'm being rude or something when I'm not.

I can't cope no more. Really upset and no one here to help me.



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    We're here. Would you be able to tell us a bit more about what's going on - try and break it down if you can. Has something happened?

    Just out of interest, do you have any professional support in place when it comes to these kinds of feelings? *hug*
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    It sounds like you've got quite a few emotions running haywire in your mind at the moment, and I can see(From what you've wrote) how isolating it must be. But you took the first steps by reaching out to support offered on TheSite.org message boards, that's a very brave step to take. When you say 'everyone has something against me' are you making the assumption they do? Know they do? What makes you think that everyone has something against you? Because I certainly, and many other users here definitely don't have anything against you, as we have no reason to.

    It's difficult getting people to understand when you're struggling, and often it can be difficult explaining to people why you feel the way you do without getting them to stand in your shoes, however, running away won't resolve everything, or anything, where would you go? How would you get there? What would you take? Etc.

    You have a habit of externalizing things, by saying 'Everyone' 'Everything' are there people who you are close to and feel as though don't have anything against you? Any friends at all? Have you considered consulting with your GP a bit about how you're feeling, and that you would like to have someone in place to be able to turn and talk to? As your GP can arrange things like Counselling, 1-2-1 therapies, etc, because you're not alone, and there is support out there if you did want it.

    I don't know what you must be going through, but I have had similar experiences and can only empathize how lonely it can feel in the moment, anxiety was a big issue for me at the time though but I was able to push myself a join a few clubs in School, and a Youth Group to give me that bit of escape and freedom and engage with other young people, and it just felt less lonely, have you thought about doing something along those lines? Are you part of any groups? Or a volunteer with anything?

    You don't have to keep pretending things are okay, it's okay not to be okay, and I doubt I'm the only person to say that to you, but you've taken the first step by asking for support on here, and reaching out to users, so well done. At the end you mentioned 'Not telling her' who do you mean by 'her?'

    Do keep us updated on how things are going for you,
    Best wishes,
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    Hi WhispersOfTheHeart, thank you for replying back.

    I proberly do make assumptions up all the time as I over think a lot and everyone knows it but it's hard because that's who I've always been. I think again I believe they do because I over think it either by seeing that someone is talking about me, when I have a feeling already they do and over hearing two. Maybe at the time I thought they did but this is how I am and I know there's been things what may have happened before what made me think that. I dont know if that's true or not.

    I understand completely that it is difficult when no one knows what your going through dont know the whole story etc. I won't know where I go but there's some where I would go and that's fine. I know what I would take and I would get bus. I know running away don't solve everything but when I feel like this that's what I do.

    There are people I am close to like family and friends but it's difficult when I have argument with either one of them and I feel like they have something aganist me. That's how I feel right at the time and think everyone and everything has something against me.

    Yh I have a couple of close friends but they live far and I do see them but not all the time. They are my close friends. I know I see one of my good friends most of the time and catch up with her etc. The other friend my best friend having problems.

    I have spoken to the doctor about this but its different doctors I see but not said anything. I had counselling before and I thought it did help but it stopped but if I wanted to I could go back there though I had the support I needed before. I'm taking antidepressants and that's the only thing. I see the doctor now and again about it and I know who I can turn to but it's when I can't cope or anything.

    It's good that you understand and been through it. I had some anxiety before but it's mostly depression I have. I had the support before and was fine again by its only the depression what I have now which I can now cope with but when I can't cope

    I was thinking about joining a club or a group but didn't know what. I'm still thinking about it as it would be good to do something but in the mean time I'm looking for work and want to find a job before I do anything. I think they only do youth groups for 16-19 year olds. Did volunteering before but looking for work at the moment so that's what I want to try and do.

    Nerves befote about putting a thread up about this but now I knownot the only one shows that I shouldn't of been nerves. I dont pretend wether that I'm ok. I know when I'm not and people know when I'm not ok. The Site has been helpful and supportive knowing there are people going through the same thing and not on your own.

    I said my mum not telling. As I have bf and I know she would go on but the other day when I was out and came back I didn't tell her but she had idea and didn't say anything. My sister knows so someone does. That's why when u asked where I would go that's where you see.

    Dont say anything.

    Thank you x
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