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trying to get the words out but they jsut arnt coming

ravenclawdashravenclawdash NoobPosts: 68 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
i cant discribe how i feel. stressed, depressed, really bad, anxious... list goes on and on and on.

got exams in a few weeks, important ones too. ones that decide if i can follow my dreams. but im scared im going to fail. like i did before. like i failed a GCSE and nowused as an example of what NOT to do.

panic attacks are a thing, as is me staying in bed all day doing nothing. becuase i cant get the engery. i cant think"look, yours going to fail if you dont do this so do it". i just cant get my head in the game.

my health is going downhill. i know this. i need to go to my docotr. i cant. i know i cant.

im sorry for moaning here. i really am.


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    Hi there, exams can be really stressful and difficult. Sounds like this is effecting u in so many ways like sleep, motivation, seeking support and thinking about other things in ur life. They say it's the most important time of ur life.

    I don't think paying attention to anyone else at the moment is going to help u with it confidence or self esteem. I think u need to work on urself first which I dont mean being disrespectful at all but making a revision calender. You could starting with the days from Monday to Friday put down start times and end times on when u will revise to other times in the day where u can take breaks and have time for itself. Also over the weekend can be ur day where u can go and see friends and family and spend time with them.

    In terms of seeking help and support maybe its the right time before u do anything else to go and ur doctor and get some support on how ur feeling. You could bring a friend along with u for some extra support. Once u have done that I'm sure ur feel better that u got some help.

    Remember that u can only do ur best. No one can expect no more from u. You shouldn't think that u will fail, u haven't gone for the exams yet. Just cuz u didn't do so well before doesn't mean u won't again. As long as u know u have tried really hard then that's all what matters.

    One last thing, make sure u always have breakfast. This is really important when it comes to exams as u need a good breakfast inside u so u can focus and motivate itself to do well. Always have it before each day u start to revise.

    I hope that helps :)

    Here if u wanna talk.
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    Do you think that painting or drawing or doing something creative might help you express your emotions?
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    Maybe taking up a hobby might be some use to u. There are ways which u can try and express and get people to listen.

    You might find a hobby, talking to someone, listening to music or writing could help u emotionally and be prepared. You will have a lot more confidence and realistic thoughts so that when u do revise for it exams u won't be so hard on urself. What do u think?

    Remember u can always talk to us.

    I hope that helps x
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