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How do you run the Drug Dealers away from selling to your Son or Grandson?

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I found a couple phone numbers in my G'son's phone that I knew were Drug Dealers. I told them if they sold to him that they had better watch their back because the Cops were following him and that I had given their phone number to the Cops. I told them to be considered forewarned. Will this scare them away from selling to him or have I just put him in harms way? Mama1949


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    Hi Mama1949, no I don't think u put ur Grandson in harm or tried to scare him. I think ur only trying to look out for him as what any good Grand mother would do.

    Its good that u noticed what was going on straight away and confronted ur grandson about this. You did do the right thing by phoning the police. Anyone would of done what u did and so I wouldn't blame for doing that.

    Those people need to be told that what there doing is dangerous towards the public. They need to be aware that having young kids around isn't funny at all! Your grandson is still growing up and having people trying to sell him stuff isn't right and they need to be punished. Its not fair on anyone who wishes to go about there business with getting dealers trying to sell to them.

    You seemed to be a very responsible Grand parent and was only trying to look out for him. Hopefully the police are dealing with this so they can keep those dealers off the straight for now without anyone else coming to harm. If u still feel like u want to keep him close to u more often then u should do that for example when hes playing outside tell him to stay around this area and not go off, ask him if hes going out what time he will be back and check the time now and again for observation, maybe get one of ur next door neighbours to keep an eye on him if hes playing with there kids and never let him out of ur sight. Thats very important!

    I hope that advice has helped u and made u feel a bit more safer in the future. Remember wether u think u think someone is in danger or ur at risk then always ring 999 straight away.

    Hugs x
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    Hiya. As much as I can see why you'd try to do this, but I hope you know it might not have been the best or even an effective measure.. Sorry to say that.

    Deterring some of the dealers they are able to contact won't stop them getting in contact with dealers if they want them, whether it's by finding new dealers or asking other people to score for them they will find what it is they seek if they want it. The potential harm is that these dealers that you spoke to will treat your grand/sons with suspicion and if they tell others of their suspicions, well, most dealers deal with a lot of people so if they want a word to get around then it's not a hard thing for them to do but it doesn't mean that other dealers will turn down the business, it just means that your grand/sons could get seen as grasses by people they know which is not the best thing to be known for unless you are already extremely selective with your social groups.

    What I suspect will happen though is that business will go on as normal but your grand/sons are going to be a great deal more secretive about it now. Which means you're going to find it harder to let them know you're there for them, whatever the problem is.

    Two things I want to bring to your thoughts though: There is a reason they use drugs, it is this problem that is the cause, the feeling of needing to take drugs is a symptom of that problem. In which case about the only thing you can do is try to understand what's getting to them in their lives and be there for them, which I'm sure you do already. :) You can't always help people and as much as it's heartbreaking to not be able to stop a loved one from harming themselves, in a lot of cases the individual needs to work out their problem themselves and in doing so they can start tackling the symptoms; support and love from friends and family will help the long road.

    The other point I wanted to raise is: What drugs are they taking? If they're just casually smoking cannabis non-habitually, will the trouble they gain from being processed by the law be the best and most positive action for them? The law dictates what punishments are due but will those punishments help them be/become better? If this is what they're up to then you have far less to worry about them than if they were casually drinking regularly (that's in regards to health and social disorder).

    Whatever drug it is, they will always benefit from your love, support and understanding. You may not always be able to prevent them from doing stupid things but you can still be there so that when they realise they've done something stupid so they have someone to confide in and feel safe with. :)

    Edit: I thought this was recent but for some reason I had may as the 4th in my head. o.O
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