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Hi, I'm Mama1949

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I am looking for different ways to scare the Drug Dealers away from selling heroin to my G'son. Do you have any suggestions? We raised three sets of children and only three of them are on heroin and one drinks and does various drugs. She is too old to become involved with and doesn't have much to do with the family. My 40 yr. old Son passed away in 2013 because he had MS, ran out of pain meds on Friday and asked our G'son to help him find pain pills until Monday. Our G'son took him to buy two caps of heroin which my Son snorted (we weren't told until too late) and he never woke up the next day. You can see why I am on such a Crusade to put the Dealers on the run. I don't want to find my G'son just like I found my Son not breathing in bed.
Our G'son lives with us and once in a while I will get into his phone to find numbers for new Drug Dealers or I think they are anyways. I always call them first and feel them out before I start threatening them with the Cops and telling them to watch their back because they are going to Prison. Is there anything else that I can do?
I have written a novel for abuse and addictions from our trying times with our G'son and his Mom. It is also about spousal abuse which she lived through for many years before leaving. The rest of the children grew up to be good kids and grown adults. I have always told them, 'You are who your friends are,' and the three of them just didn't listen and had to learn the hard and fatal way. I am angry and on the War path. Mama1949


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    JamesJames Deactivated Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
    Hi Mama1949,

    Welcome to the boards.
    I'm sorry to read about what happened to your son and I can understand feeling angry about the current situation with your grandson. It sounds like there are a few conflicting emotions, but that you really care for him and want to protect him.

    I see you've posted another thread about trying to keep dealers away from your grandson, which is now in the Home, Law & money section. Perhaps that would be the best place to continue this conversation, as this area is designed for introductions.

    It's also worth knowing that we're a UK-based site for 16-25 year olds. We might not be in the best position to give relevant advice or info here. You could take a look at Nar-Anon, a worldwide organisation set up to support the relatives or friends of drug addicts. They may be able to provide more tailored support.

    Hope that helps
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    Welcome :)
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