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landlord refused to fix repairs

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During a house inspection my landlords agent whom I deal with noted all my repairs that needed doing but told me that they wouldn't be repaired until I had bleached my tiles and fire alarms as they apparently were grubby.The agents exact words were when he saw the damp etc were you should never be living like this.The conditions were disgusting the walls ceilings were black the kitchen and bathroom roof were leaking the smell of damp everywhere was horrendous.The guttering outside my home were apparently causing my bedroom ceiling to be black and spreading.I was told to clean the house again and not to forget my smoke\fire alarms ,tiles etc or the landlord wouldn't be told to call to fix things.

My kitchen ceiling collapsed and broke my washing machine dishes kettle etc as they hadn't fixed it.the landlord came to fix the tiles on my kitchen roof but for 6 months I've been left with a massive hole in my kitchen as they never returned to fix the plastering.the cold from this hole is awful and my heating is not noticeable as it goes out the hole.

I've moved now today and haven't told the landlord yet as I want to get all my things out and clean the house again due to paranoia caused from previous time.my house was never dirty in my opinion when I had the inspection it was spotless but there we go .what can happen now and should I take photos etc?please help thanks


  • SarahRSarahR Posts: 213 Trailblazer
    Hi mammymoo

    It sounds really frustrating that your landlord has refused to do the repairs at your house and that you've had to move as a result. We're not experts in housing issues at TheSite, so it might be a good idea to contact Shelter, the housing charity, either through their website or on their free helpline 0808 800 4444. You could also schedule an appointment for advice at your local Citizens Advice Bureau (you can find your local office through their website). It might be a good idea to take along your housing contract and details of any correspondence you've had with your landlord.

    Good luck and I hope this gets resolved for you.
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    Hi mammamoo, I'm really sorry to hear what u been through. This is a really distressing time for u when u have other things needing doing and now this has come up made everything unbearable.

    Im really happy to hear that u decided to move out of that horrible dirty place. You dont deserve to be living in there and no one does. Sounds like u had one problem after another, another and then after another.

    You mentioned the property was spotless and clean before but had a few problems when u had the inspection. What did the exact inspector say to u what needed doing? Did they say u need to fix the repairs or the landlord?

    Also another thing is, when u told the landlord about these faults did u sign a contract to say ur happy for the landlord to go about the repairs and u looked at the terms and conditions of the contract and signed?

    Now u said the landlord went about the repairs through a time scale of when the problems would be fixed. How long did he take to fix the problems in ur property? Were u aware about the exact time it will take?

    So now u decided to move with the fixtures nearly coming to the end of it being fixed. You then noticed other problems like leaking roof, washing machine not working and damp all over the place. You then took pictures of the work for evidence when this all went on. From what u said about the state of the property u was in, if u went to court or took up legal action aganist the landlord u could of been entilled to the living costs u paid for the property. If any of stuff in that property was urs I think u would of had a winnng case of receiving the money back from the damage it caused from ur items within ur property. The only thing what I think what wouldn't go in ur favour is moving out with no reasonable conversation made with the landlord. Thats why the contract u signed before u moved in it would of said a limit time when ur contract would run out and if it doesn't run out in the next couple of months then I dont think u can look else where untill u contract has come to a complete end but if it has then u deserve to look for somewhere else but I do think u should the let lamdlord know about this. Your still living under his roof obeying his rules.

    I do think the landlord was in the complete wrong and if u took earlier action then u could of had a winning case but now its come to period u now have a plan on what to do and how to go about it. Im not sure if court would be a good idea for u now or taking up any other legal action but getting some infoation and advice from the suggestions below would be ideal. I also suggest contacting The Mind Chairty and look on the website The Money Advice Service what will be even more help right now for u. What do u think of these sites? Would they be any help?

    I wish u luck with ur new place and remember to get in touch again soon.

    Take Care x
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