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Unemployment is getting me really down...

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My name is Christina. I am 27 and I have a BSc and MSc, I have done years of voluntary work in the charity sector for big and small charities. Following the end of my last job (where I was high up management for an NGO in Madagascar) I have been back in the UK looking for work. I am getting really down as I am just not getting any feedback other than negative despite the fact that I feel more than qualified for the jobs I apply for. Also having come back to the UK following 2 years working overseas I have no real friends or hobbies here and have left my friends, my dog and the children and families I worked with every day behind. I am running out of money and finding it harder and harder to maintain a routine and not allow my negative mood to push away the few people I do have around me. I don't know what I expect people here to say really, but I am having a bad day and haven't even sent off one single application today. I wonder if anyone has any magical job-hunting secrets to share?


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    Just keep applying for jobs and you''ll land one eventually. :)

    Maybe re-write your CV or have it professionally written.

    Write to some companies to ask if there are any jobs, and why you want to work there.

    Sign up to LinkedIn and connect with potential employers.

    I know what it feels like when to one contacts you about a job. I'm going through it myself.....and now that there are only certain jobs I can apply for, due to my health, it's even harder because either I don't have the right qualifications or they are out of date.

    No friends? Are you on facebook? Why not connect with old friends?
  • Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hi Christina. SpinTires has given some good advice but I just wanted to say hello and try not to get too down - you will find something!

    Only thing I would say is that this site is aimed at younger people (16-25) so whilst we can do our best to help our advice may not be completely appropriate to someone with your background and experience.

    Have you tried speaking to your university? Many will offer an alumni guidance service. Otherwise, LinkedIn is a great resource and having your CV on there has worked for a fair few people I know.

    Friends wise - definitely reach out to old friends, you'll have some amazing stories to share :)
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