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Help, will earn more than JSA this week??? What will happen?

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Hi Everyone

I'm new here and I would go and introduce myself properly but I need to know what to do about this in order to give someone an answer.

I'm currently on jsa as I had to leave work due to health problems, but I can do sit down office type work and I worked yesterday for someone, which I will of course be declaring. I want to work and grateful for the work given.

The only thing is the person has called me again today and wants me to do some more stuff. If I do that work I will have done 10 hours this week and will earn from it £120 (I don't know what the take home would be from that though).

Does anyone know if they will stop my jsa claim if I earn more than the jsa amount? Even if it's just for one week? I know I won't receive jsa, that I understand, but will they stop the claim?:(

I'd really be grateful if anyone knows the answer to this. Thank you. :)


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    They won't stop your claim because you're not in secured employed earning a constant salary. What will happen is you will fill out a form in the job centre, declaring how many hours you have worked and what you were paid. Then that is deducted from your JSA claim for that week. I used to do it when I first started working in McDonald's (going back a few years) because the hours weren't there for me to earn more than JSA on a regular basis.
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