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here we go right

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I don't what to do.

Iam not spending enough time with my mum at all she spending it on prick of a bf. Everyday I been feeling like shit and wanted self-harm. Iam trying to speak to her and she keeps rejectong me every time I try have words with her trying tell her I need more time with her not her pick of a bf she has had no time for me she. Prick come out of hoaptial. I was on the phone to a helpline really depressed and really bad. My mum doesn't like it when I am on the phone talking to them and she really doesn't get it how much it's really effecting Me. I was in so much tears yesterday beause of her ;(

I got no where else to go to have a comfo she walks in on me and asks who am I speaking to pricks are u.
My life getting worse shot me someone


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    Hi Angel,

    Sorry to hear that you?re feeling so bad. It must be difficult to feel that your Mum doesn?t have time for you. Maybe you could suggest an activity you could do together to get some quality time with her? This could be something as simple as going for a walk where you live, or making time to watch something on TV together.

    You mentioned that you felt like self-harming, having those feelings in your head must be really tough. There?s an article on The Site that you may find helpful that talks about some coping strategies you might want to try out.

    It?s good that you?re getting support from a helpline and it must be frustrating to be interrupted when you?re having a private conversation. Is there anywhere quieter you could go to make the call? Hopefully, then you can focus on how you?re feeling.

    I?m not sure any of the above has been helpful but I hope things soon start to get better between you and your Mum.

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    Hi Angel. What a difficult situation to find yourself in :( it sounds like you're finding it really tough but you are doing the right thing by reaching out to helplines and posting on here. Are there any other adults you trust that you could talk to about this, maybe an auntie or a teacher at school? have you tried maybe putting your feelings down in a letter so your mum can read it in her own time? it sounds like it's all getting quite stressful and emotional when you are with her in person.

    you're not alone with what you are going through, I'm sure lots of people will be on here with some useful advice for you soon. in the meantime don't stop calling the helplines if they are helping, and if you can't speak out loud on the phone you can text or email a charity called brook https://www.brook.org.uk/our-services/category/ask-brook.

    Take care x
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    Hi Angel,

    sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad, it must be really hard for you now. :(
    I think you're dealing with this difficult situation very well and asking for help is a good thing to do. I understand it's quite difficult to call the helpline when your Mum is around.

    If you would like to talk to someone online, Family Lives is a charity dealing with family issues and they run a support chat every day -


    I also agree with Sophie, a letter might be a good option for you to tell your Mum what's on your mind. Sometimes it's easier it to write it down than say things out loud :yes:
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