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Depression kills, but writing helps? Has anyone ever felt like this?

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
What I'm sharing is two separate things I've written when I've been really down. Think hard because not every word means what it seems.

I never knew my life would end up so screwed as I fall back into my numb state, dragging on day by day, never knowning if I can make it through the day. Relapse on my mind, all day long, should I do this, or should I do that. Never once have I failed at trying to stop my old ways. Some days lost, some days won, everyday is a challenge with the same old rules. That grand ole day will come when it all ends, all sorrows, all feelings, all everything are left behind and you become just another lost soul. In the end happiness will arise and take you away to that grand ole place. I promise one day your struggles will end and you'll be as free as you've always wished you'd been.

The dead will rise and we'll all be advenged. All wrongs will be righted. All sorrows will be deleted. Their rise will be our demise. Please don't worry we'll all be re-born, we'll all face new tragedies, new horrors. Never forget your old life lessons, everything you need to survive your new life was known then. Depressed or happy we all faced societies challenges, some lost, some won. No matter how strong you are, your fall is always hard. Stay down, reboot, think deep, move on, and repeat. We all live, struggle, and die the same, your never truly alone. Find your place wether it's here or there settle in a learn from those who can teach. You may frown but know we all have that one bright light that will shine somewhere, someday, just sit back because it's a ride.

(The second one has nothing to do with the actual dead, it's just wording used, remember think hard).

Has anyone ever felt similar?
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