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Landlord Suing For Unknown Charges

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I recently received this email from my former landlord:
Hello...I'am writing to let you and Michael know that on Monday Feb.16 2015 we will file a small claims action against the two of you for unpaid damage repair and cleanup that happened while the two of you were tenants. Michael signed a letter promising that you would pay the balance owed at a rate of $200.00 per month until paid in full. The two of you have paid twice for a total of $400.00. The balance owed is $654.50. With an additional fee of $69.00 for the small claims fee your new balance will be $723.00. If you don"t make arrangements prior to the 16th we will file the action.

Michael and I were dating at the time we had occupied the rental home. Our lease ended in May 2014, and I have not made contact with my former landlord since. He did not inform me of any charges I needed to pay. Michael had evidently signed some agreement to pay charges for the damage done to the rental property. Michael had caused the damages, and he had taken responsibility to pay any charges. Michael had signed an agreement to pay a fixed amount for the damage done. I had no knowledge of this agreement. Now, I get this email saying I'm going to be taken to court over these fines that I was NEVER aware of! What are my rights? In the state of Idaho, do I have to be informed if I'm being charged? How would Michael and I be legally bound together in any way? We're not married! How would it be possible that he would give MY consent with HIS signature?? Please, any advice helps. I feel like this landlord is just trying to take advantage of me..


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    I'm not a lawyer but.. it seems to me that someone else can't "agree" to something for you and, unless you personally signed any documents that might leave you liable for this damage, I'd reply to the friendly email saying as much.

    As an aside, this is mostly a UK based forum, so you may want to consult elsewhere for any region-specific legal advice that might cover your particular scenario.
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