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When I moved with my mum. there's a man that was after me for a while (he works for arriva buses). I really liked him very much and so ive gived him my number and since then I got with him.

I'll get to the point

My mum is very gel that I am with him because he really thinks highly about me, and spoils me so much. She won't leave him alone. She just didn't get it that I am with him and she won't get over it. He spoils me aswell. She flirts with him.... She really won't back off. She said that if I wasn't with him (the one she with now thats in hosptial) she will defo get with him. She trying to spoil and split us up so she can have him :( I except giving him a quick hug that's it.

He ask weather we wanted a pizza last night (as he was coming here after work and saved him cooking) I ask my mum she oferslly said yea Beause she know he was going come round. I ask to see weather it was OK of he could pick us up after seeing him in hosptial . he was really good about it and pick us up. She started slagging him off and said (he not welcome again) so she showed she didn't present him picking them up. Saving mum paying 8 quid for a taxi from the hospital. Plus tea and when he ask about the pizza they said no thanks in a horrable way.

O know she trying to spit me and him up as our relationship is really good and hers isn't as they argue everyday she gel as well she cont have a really good relationship like us to

What do I do he doesn't desive getting treated after what he done for is.

I cont leave her with him I have to be there when he here


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    Hey there Heather :wave:

    I saw your post today and thought that must be such a tough thing for you. It's hard to distance yourself from a close family member who shows such random and often, quite harsh and negative feelings towards you.

    This is going to sound hard to do, but please try not to be put off - if you can try and stay focused on what you said towards the end of your post - that you and your fella have a great relationship, and to try and not let other people distract you or get in the way of that fact. Your guy sounds like he's a decent bloke, coming to pick your mum up, thats a very kind thing to do. Im sure if you talked to him about the issues you have been having with your mum, and why she acts how she does - he would appreciate you being open and honest with him.

    It sounds like you are worried your Mum is going to do what she can to come between you two, and you feel like you can't trust her with your fella. Perhaps you could try hanging out with him in places you are less likely to run into her - maybe go on dates, just the two of you - maybe a walk in the park (if you bundle up nice and warm though!!) or to the cinema or shopping? That way you might relax a bit more, knowing your Mum isn't going to cause any upset and make you feel worried.

    Hope that helps you out lovely, keep us posted on how things get on :) x
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    Tammmmmmmm :)

    He working till late :( he onley off on some Sundays off he goes and see his mum and dad on Sundays

    When he on mine bus she always says getting his bus and flits with him then and in town I cont win
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