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Helping others.

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Hello, i'm Ally and i'm happy to be here, pleased to meet all of you and hope to connect with you guys as well.

i'd like to let you guys know about my up and comming website and ebook, which are currently under construction, ithey're being built around mental and emotional abuse and if you know anyone who feels ready to get thier story across or even you yourselve would like your stories featured then i will be happy upon your request or permission to go ahead and feature them, plus if you want to share how you got through or are getting through mental and emotional abuse then that would also be very helpful as i'd really like to get the message across, awareness, , help and encouragement to push through the darkness, into the light(sorry if that last part looked a bit cheesey lol) but it's how i describe my experience of mental and emotional abuse, yes i went through it as well, for many years, infact just last year, i finally broke free from my abusers and even now i'm slowly trying to gain my strength and confience back, i know i'll never be 100% but i aim to get as close to that as possible, just over a year into gaining back my freedom, i have a place of my own, my two kids to raise and and a new man in my life who is caring, supportive and tbh is in total sweet aw of my 'COUGH!' butt lol and i've thought over the past few months that if after everything i've been through something that amazing has happen to me then i can imagin the good things that breaking free and gaining your freedom back could happen to you guys as well, it was then i realised that i want to help others who are currently in the situation that i was in all those years ago with as much help as possibly from the best advice given from both myself and others who have been kind enough to share and to encourage those who have made it through the worst of it to keep going just that much further because they're soo close to the light, the sun's raise is pretty much warming their skiin.

and with that said, i hope to communicate with you guys again soon and thank you for taking the time to read my long long message lol.




  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Ally, welcome to TheSite :wave:

    It sounds like this project has really motivated you and your story of escaping abuse is really inspiring. Do keep us updated on how the project progresses.

    We usually ask people to run this sort of request by one of us mods first as it's important that we keep this place safe and supportive so any information you can share about the project would be useful to know.

    I'd recommend taking some time to contribute and take part here - you may find as you build relationships that people are interested in helping out with your project but for now I'd focus on getting to know the community here a bit better.

    It sounds like your life experience could really benefit the community and those that may be facing similar difficulties.

    Helping others can be really rewarding and it's certainly something that we see happening on TheSite every day :yes: It's also worth pointing out that TheSite is aimed at 16-25 year olds although we do welcome older and younger members too :)

    Any questions about TheSite or how things work let us know.

    Thanks :)
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