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landlord harassing deposit issue

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Hello some advise if possible please. I rented a house privately for 4.5 years and moved out on 28th. I was never late with rent and always a good tenant
I gave correct notice and the landlord came over 2 days before I moved out to check over the place. I received a call the following day from them (landlords) advising my full deposit will be returned and thanks for being a great tenant. I left the property midday on a Wednesday and later that day called the landlord (neither came to the property when I left) to advise that the removal company had not been considerate and the carpet on the stairs had been muddied. I also advised that I had hoovered and mopped the floors but it was not left as tidy as I would have liked. I had, as a favour to the landlord repaired a large hole (17'×7') that had been there since I moved in. The reason for the comment regarding the property not being left as clean as I would have liked was due to all the dust created by sanding the filler to said repairs. I was also not required to clean the two bedroom carpets as they were being replaced. The landlord advised me on this call it was fine and not to worry. The following evening (Thursday 29th) the full deposit was transferred into my account. The landlord is now (from 6pm Friday 30th) constantly texting and calling demanding the deposit be returned as the property is dirty and not up to their standard as well as the cables used by virgin media not removed and left dangling from the ceiling. This I apologised for, the cables were an oversight and I forgot to do this. My question is can my former landlords keep harassing me like this. They live less than 1 mile from the property and it is their responsibility to check the property before returning the deposit. Also I am aware that the deposit was not entered into a government protected scheme.


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    If they've returned the deposit i don't think there is much they can do now as you said it is there duty to check the property prior to returning the deposit.

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    Hi there and welcome to the boards.
    Thanks for your query. I would agree on BlondieLiz with this one - if your landlord has returned your deposit and they now dispute the conditin of the property before you moved out, then they will have to apply to the court (small claims court) to recover the money from you.
    However, you mention that your landlord did not protect your deposit one of the prescribed schemes. In this case you may actually have a claim against your landlord for them to pay you up to 3 times the deposit as a penalty for failing to protect it. You have to meet certain criteria first before you can make the application. I would suggest you read this page on the Shelter website for more information - http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/tenancy_deposits/tenancy_deposit_protection_schemes/penalties_if_a_landlord_breaks_tenancy_deposit_rules
    Also you may like to read this thread for new users on theSite.
    Look forward to seeing you around the boards :)
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