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Applying for benefits after leaving my job

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Hi everyone.
I posted last April about how much my job was bringing me down. I stuck it out, as I felt I had no other choice, but now I feel even worse. I was feeling better for a while, buto bow I feel as though my depression is worse.
It's at the point now where I'm actually calling in sick a lot, last week I missed three days, and in the past 5 months I have called in sick 9 days. Obviously my employer is annoyed about this as well.
I feel like my quality of life is zero, I don't see my friends or go out anymore, I usually come home and go straight to bed, and my days off are usually wasted, I'll lie around in my pyjamas doing nothing productive. My house is a mess, I haven't even unpacked properly since moving 7 months ago. Everything's just getting on top of me and as hard as I try to pretend I'm fine, I'm not.
So I want to leave my job. I'm hoping to get back into full education in September, but I'm at my with end with work. I've been looking online to see how I would apply for benefits, but haven't found anything helpful. Would I be entitled to apply for jobseekers allowance and housing benefit if I left because of depression? I can't work in that place much longer, but I haven't been able to find another job. Even with experience in a number of jobs, I've only secured one interview for another job, which I obviously didn't get.
I'm just feeling so overwhelmed right now.


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    You will be asked t provide information about why you left. If you mention depression, they may ask whether you're fit enough to work.
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    Thanks for your reply. To be honest, right now, I don't feel fit to work. I didn't go to work today. I had fully intended to, I got dressed and put on makeup and made my lunch... I just couldn't face it in the end. Of the past 6 days I should have worked, I've only gone in two.
    It doesn't help that seeing a doctor takes ages.
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    Hi, how did things go? I'm in a similar position to you..
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    Have you made an appointment with your GP?
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    Im sorry to hear that your no longer to stay at your job due to you feeling unwell. That must be hard having to deal with when you are feeling stressed all the time, low and negative.

    How long have you got till your job finishes? Have you discussed what your planning to do next with your manager or had an idea what your going to do? I think having a plan put in place will be a good idea to start off with before you think about finding another job or receiving benefits.

    I see that this is bringing you down although things can only get better now you know living the way you are isn't making you happy but don't think about the past now and only the future for now on as this will be a learning curb for you. Have you spoken to anyone about this? Family or Friends?

    Do you think seeing a doctor might help you in the mean time? You could always go back to your doctor and ask them for further help and support. That's up to you but don't leave it unnoticed.

    In terms of whether or not you can receive JSA or Housing Benefits is something you may need to discuss with the Job Centre if you wish to return to work but I do think you would be able to receive Housing Benefits as you haven't got a job and need extra support but with JSA you need to looking for work up to 16 hours to come off it therefore if you feel depressed right now then it maybe best to see the doctor and get them to sign you off work for a while and help you to still receive benefits but for Hosuing Benefit and Sick Leave.

    Would this be something you can do?

    I hope everything gets sorted soon and its good that you put yourself first because that's the most important thing to do.

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