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hi! uh, we're a plural system (think DID/MPD/DDNOS, though we aren't diagnosed just yet) of roughly seven "main fronters" - Logan, Nix, Six, Ell, Nine, Twelve, and me - Darby! there are others too, but they don't come up front very often. You're most likely to see me, Six, and Nix around the forum; Logan, Ell, Nine, and Twelve don't talk much for various reasons, but they might!

uhh, we joined this site for the health and wellness board, but we might not stay strictly in there. most of our posts will probably mention us as a system, since it's a kind of deep-rooted part of who each of us is. but yeah, we're all glad to be here and i, at least, am looking forward to chatting with yall! :hyper:



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