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breaking down at home :( please help

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I am having a really bad break down at home with my mum and her nob of a partner :( being a idoit and bullying me and my mum. She a stubid bitch for for giving him every time :( I am really breaking down and cont cope.

I need to move out now I made a dession now

How do I tell my mum :(

Don't desive to live like this no more


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey Heather! :wave:

    Long time no speak...im sorry to see that things have got so bad at home for you. You're doing a strong thing, by talking about how things are on here, and you know we are here for you, and always willing to listen.

    I wonder if you have tried talking to your Mum about how you are feeling? It can be so tough when they have a partner, you may sometimes feel like no one takes your side on things. It might be an idea to put some space between you, have you a friend you could go and spend a couple of nights with at their house? The distance might help calm the situation down, and you can have the chance to reflect on the things that are bothering you about your home situation, and maybe even come up with some things you could do to change it - things that you could all have a crack at.

    You might want to check this article out Heather - it mentions difficult parents, and what you can try if you tend to have a lot of break down and arguments at home: http://www.thesite.org/sex-and-relationships/family-life/problematic-parents-3290.html

    Have you spoken to your friends about how things are at home? Maybe opening up to people (if you havent already) will make you feel more supported and less like you are going through this tough time alone.

    If you need to talk - you know you can always reach out to us here. :yes:

    Take care - and good luck with things - I really do hope they get better for you *hug*
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    Hugs I know not seen u niver :( lovely to see u too. Hope ur well

    U should of been in chat last night I was in tears she shouted me I tryed speaking to her about the both of them I just got told to go away and I was in tears :( I just get told to go away I am not interested. So it shows how much she wants to know how it making me feel when they argue
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    Hey Heather,

    Just picking up on what Tamsin has suggested really - do you have a friend you could spend a few nights with and possibly talk to about how things are at home at the moment? Time apart can be amazing, particularly when emotions are running high which I'm assuming is the case for all of you right now.

    I understand that you feel like nobody cares at the moment but the reality of the situation is likely to be that the arguments have caused both you and your mum to think differently - the bickering is clearly causing quite a lot of anger which actually might not be aimed towards anyone but you both might feel like you absolutely need something or someone to aim that anger at as a way to deal with it all.

    Your mum does love you and I understand it's hard to see at times but think back to the good times you've had - I remember you talking often on here before about time you've spent with her, things you've done together, etc. The reality is she's probably feeling very torn which must be playing on her emotions a bit too.

    In terms of moving out - if that's what you definitely want to do then honesty really is the best policy. You could either sit her down and tell her when she's alone or write her a letter, you could also have someone you trust with you if you think that might make it easier.

    Hope things have been okay today *hug*
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