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6 months clean of speed

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Hi,my name is Sandra. I was wondering if anyone could help me by answering a question about after effects from using speed. I have been clean of doing speed. I only did it for under 2 months but now since i have been clean i am finding that i grind my teeth and chatter from time to time. This really hurts me at times. Is this normal or whats going on? Does anyone have any feedback on why this is happening. Hopefully someone can help me figure it out. Almost 6 months ago I was sexually assaulted and beaten up pretty bad.This was when I was 6 days clean. The loser that did this to me also punched me in the face and jaw numerous times. Could this be related to me grinding my teeth. I am going to court soon to testify and am very anxious at times as well. Please help me if anyone has any feedback on what is happening to me.



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    I'd say that it's probably unrelated to speed at this point, it sounds like withdrawal symptoms but after 6 months (and only two months on it) this would be unlikely. I'd suggest maybe it's anxiety related, after the assault that happened. Have you got much support from the police at all? Or any family?
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    clean for 6 months

    I have not had any support from the police what so ever. Victim services just called me this week. My family and counsellor have been great support for me. I have o go to court on the 27th of this month to testify. I want to know why this is happening. im going to see my doctor again next week to see what she thinks.she wasnt my doctor when the assault happened. i am going to start to go to meetings for more support. Nobody helped me get off of the drug, I did it cold turkey. I wish I could quit smoking like this.

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    Really good news to hear you're getting some support from victim services, your family and counsellor. Leaning on this support over the next few weeks and during the court case is going to be really important.

    Coming off the speed is a huge achievement too, good on you :)

    Lots of luck with the new doctor, let us know how you get on. *hug*
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    Hi Sandra I'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you. If you ever want to vent let it it do let me know 🙂 When I suffering from extreme ptsd my dentist noticed that I was grinding and chipping my teeth which was worrying. I stated to put in teeth whitening moulds without the teeth whitening of course and that stopped me from doing it for a while and a lot less than the dentist expected from £650 for a custom moth tray!!
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