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Stretch marks & scars in general?

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Ok no they're not self-harm scars, I just had a load of spots on my legs a while back but I think they're just about starting to stop appearing. I just have a lot of scars left from them and whats more I have terrible stretch marks ( I mean REALLY terrible! Purple and yucky and EVERYWHERE) all over my legs. I wondered what the ways are of (even including the things I eat) speeding up scar fading.

And also, on average how long do stretch marks take to fade? Are they like normal scars or do they take a lot longer?

I don't know if they look worse because I have very pale skin on my legs (and do tan well, but I don't go on holiday enough to even get one) and/or if they look worse when they're cold/too hot/when I stand up (bloodflow?). My prom is in December and I want my legs to not look so nasty I have to wear tights. I'd really love to be able to actually have bare legs rather than always wearing something to cover up my skin when I want to wear skirts/shorts/dresses.


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    I'm sorry to hear the marks on your legs are causing you worry. I'm sure it doesn't help if I tell you that you probably notice them a lot more than anyone else would!

    If you want to find out more about the questions you asked, I think the NHS introduction would be a good place to start. Also, if you type 'stretch marks' into the search bar on TheSite.org, there are quite a few articles, like this question and answer.

    I'm sure GPs get a lot of questions about this too, so if you want to find out about effect medical treatments, don't feel shy to ask. Good luck! Anyone else got any personal experience of what works?
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    I've tried a few things to remove old keloid scar tissue and there are so many bogus creams and oils out there with false claims it's unreal. I would recommend reading about proteolytic systemic enzymes, which among other things basically help to break down and digest scar tissue....there are lots of different brands on the market but the best one I've found is called Zymessence, UK distributor for this is called Aggressive Health. Just google it's worth a look...good luck :)




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    I know that coca butter and (more cheaply and apparently more effectively) aftersun is recommended to pregnant women to prevent and fade stretch marks. I used any bog standard moisturiser when I was growing and really anything like that will fade them down and get rid of the colour.
    Sorry if this x posts with any of the articles linked.
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    Have anyone try Bio Oil? It is very effective to be used on scars and stretch marks. However, you must wait for months to see its effects. But the bottom line is it works.
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