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Tired of being made to feel like shit and hurt for putting my own needs frist. I just..arghh I need to rant but I don't even know where to start because apparently people cant be bothered with me anymore.


  • Esme17Esme17 Posts: 169 The Mix convert
    Hey meggles!!

    Haven’t spoke to you in a while :) sorry that you are feeling like this, I’m here to listen if you want me to?

    Esme x
  • MegglesMeggles Unicorn. Posts: 726 Incredible Poster
    Gah I miss chatting with you. @Esme17
    Thank you, means a lot. Had so much going on recently, I feel stressed out and hurt by situations that have happened in my personal life, but I've been made to feel like a shit person for putting my needs first.
    I've lost so much weight, I barely get out of bed. Im tired all the time, im struggling to motivate myself to get through my studies.
    But I guess my feelings don't matter and im not allowed to have a rough time
  • Esme17Esme17 Posts: 169 The Mix convert
    Never feel shit for putting yourself first. You need to make sure you are alright. Do you think there is anything that would motivate you more to get out of bed and do things. Not necessarily study wise, more fun things that you enjoy? Maybe having more down time to enjoy yourself will allow you find it easier to do your work after.

    Your feelings do matter 100%!! I’m always here for you x
  • independent_independent_ Boards Baby ScotlandPosts: 1,049 Fanatical Poster
    Hey @Meggles ,

    Esme's right, your feelings do matter. You should never be made to feel bad for having a rough time. After all, we all have them and taking care of yourself is very very important. I say keep doing that!

    I'm always here to listen if you ever need a rant or a chat!!

    Take care,

    - Eleanor
  • MegglesMeggles Unicorn. Posts: 726 Incredible Poster
    I went and got a doctor appointment for how I've been feeling recently and the nearest appointment was the 30th November. Guess im gonna sleep for 2 weeks
  • MochanMochan Posts: 56
    Hi Meggles,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling like this. You originally shared your feelings a few days ago, so I wanted to find out how you're feeling today?

    We all have days where we feel down so as Esme mentioned it's important to look after yourself. Self care is vital. I'm sorry to hear that you can't get an appointment with your doctor sooner. Is there a walk-in centre that you could go to instead? The Mix has some tips on self care that you might find helpful whilst you wait for your appointment: http://www.themix.org.uk/mental-health/a-guide-to-self-care-15574.html
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