The run down on Asexuality(ace awareness week)

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( ^^^ little asexual + video game reference because i'm a huge geek haha :lol:)

Happy Ace awareness week my lovely ace cake lovers and those who support them/wish to learn more! :)
to celebrate i'd love to tell you more about all of the amazing orientations that fall under this term and first up. Its *drumroll please*


One of the possibly most known ones. Those who are Asexual do not i repeat do not, feel sexual attraction to anyone of any sex or gender. Female? Male? Non-binary? nope. there are many myths and confusions about Asexual people that i would be more than happy to clear up.
  • "Asexual people don't date then?"
Asexual people absolutely do still date. There is a cutoff from sexual and romantic attraction, they are both different and we can feel one or both or yes, even neither. just because asexual people do not feel sexually attracted to anyone doesn't mean they don't love dating, kissing, holding hands, and cuddling their loved ones(aww)
  • "Is asexuality Celibacy?"
Nope. Celibacy is defined as "when someone abstains from sex either voluntarily or involuntarily due to certain reasons" those who choose a life of celibacy do feel sexual attraction and are therefore different.
  • "How can they know if they've never tried it?"
Imagine this. If i suggested you go to college one day without any trousers on what would you say? do you think that situation would make you uncomfortable? many asexual people can know they are without having tried it first because they know that it makes them feel uncomfortable. That's in no way saying if you've tried it first that you can't be or are less valid of course, its just that some people don't feel like it or feel the need to.
  • "Aren't asexual people just missing out?"
Technically no. if you really really don't like partying and it seems simply boring or horrible to you then you're not missing out when others choose to are you? because its just not your thing.

Asexual people can vary and some may be sex positive. sex neutral. or sex repulsed.

If any Asexuals would like to add anything then go ahead :d
and also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Happy ace week people! hope you have loads of cake!! :love:
(sorry this was really late I've been pretty busy but never too busy to join in on ace week) :yes:

Happy Galloping! :rainbow2:

🌈Positive thoughts🌈 


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    This is fantastic, @Laine. I particularly like the analogy of going to college without trousers on - really interesting way to think about it. I've also heard someone use the analogy of 'hugging a cactus' - you don't need to try it to know you won't like it!

    I also didn't know it was ace awareness week, so thanks for posting this. :d
    < 3
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