Hi again :)


My name is Amanda, I’m 20 and from Scotland. I joined these forums in 2015 when it was “TheSite” , I’ve not been on in a while but thought I’d say hi again :)

Sadly still struggling a lot with my mental health, I have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and anxiety. Still struggling a lot, ended up staying in hospital overnight Tuesday to Wednesday this week.. I still live with my parents, and they now know again I’m struggling again (cause obviously had to tell them I was staying overnight in hospital). I’m 20 years old, can be mature in ways yet I still have a lot of growing up to do emotionally. Things with parents have been tough, Mum apologised for stuff she said in past and they want to support me. But I still have difficulty opening up to them. Sorry was supposed to keep this brief update but I’ve just went off on a tangent.

I’m still a university student, I’m now in 3rd year. Somehow made it through another year, too many breakdowns but somehow passed. Just started back as a 3rd year in September, but my mental health has been poorly so it’s affected my uni and I’ve missed a lot. I’ve now went part time and, meaning I’ll be in 3rd year this year and next year. That doesn’t really bother me, I still need structure of uni but like full time is too much right now and I need to look after my mental health more. But despite moving to part time still ended up at hospital on Tuesday this week :/

Basically coming back here after 6months to a year (honestly don’t know how long, lost track of time), not that much further forward.

Anyways sorry for going off again, hi, how is everyone ?

Amanda x


  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Posts: 1,608 Postholic
    Heeey! Been a while! I have eupd too, so i know how tough it is :no: I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling, but well done for sticking uni out! It's the little positives we have to hold onto. It's good to see you back and to have a friendly face around :)
    Bubbles :heart:
  • RhysRhys EnglandPosts: 234 Moderator
    Hey @apandav I think i remember seeing you in chat a few times (I could be wrong). Sorry to hear your still having problems, hopefully things start to lookup a bit at least.

    Welcome back to the forums though :wave:
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  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    Hi Bubbles, nice to see you on here again. EUPD is soooooo tough :/ :)
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    Hi @Rhys , yeah you would’ve saw me on chat :)

    Thanks :)
  • independent_independent_ Boards Baby ScotlandPosts: 1,049 Fanatical Poster
    Hey Amanda,

    I remember you, very well, so hi again. I'm Eleanor (used to go by Elle if that helps you to know who I am) I'm 14 and also from Scotland.

    Im sorry to hear you're still struggling. It's great to have you back.
  • MikeMike Posts: 1,066 Moderator
    Good to have you back, @apandav! Nice to see a familiar face returning. :)
    < 3
  • ShaunieShaunie An empath EnglandPosts: 1,310 Fanatical Poster
    Welcome back!
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  • AifeAife Posts: 943 Moderator
    Welcome back Amanda, it's great to have you here :)
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