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Great Gulf Sale now on!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Corporate America: the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! We are proud to announce the Great Gulf Sale!

Everything must go! All Iraqi state industries are being sold off so the Iraqis can discover and enjoy forever the wonders of free-market capitalism and US corporations owning and running everything with their characteristic efficiency and concern for the public!

Let the people of Iraq finally join Western Civilisation! Buy early to avoid disappointment (and to ensure all industries are bought by American corporations of course).

Best wishes,

The US government puppet regime #94
(A.K.A. The Iraqi Governing Council)


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    Merely further vindication of what we, the opposition, have said from the start.

    How long before "the ruling council" (aka Dearborn, Michigan Bush cronies) decides to change the name of the country to McIraq? :rolleyes:
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