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Depression Over No Job!

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This may sound really stupid but recently i have been getting really depressed because i am unemployed. I have been out of work for about 4 months now - except one day stints. I have been looking for jobs and nothing seems to arise. I live on £80 every 2 weeks, my familt aint around except a sister who has a kid so cant lend me any. I had an overdose because of this and other reasons. Eveyone just says look for a job but its not that easy or i would have one already! I have no idea why i am writing this but i am a firm believer of letting all out that can be let out - and this can!:( :(


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    Sounds like you're having a hard time, but there are all kinds of people and organisations that can help. The Get Connected helpline may be a good place to start, and it's free to use.

    Get Connected
    Free helpline finding young people the best help whatever the problem. Available anywhere in the UK, 1pm-11pm every day. Can provide a free connection to any local or national service, or text information to mobiles.
    Helpline: 0808 808 4994
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    What some people don't understand is that looking for a job is easy, getting one though is a whole different thing.

    I once spent two years on the dole, during that time I did some voluntary work, partly to give something back to my community, but also because I could put this on my CV/Application form, rather than have the stigma of putting "unemployed". At the time I was allowed to do 16 hours per week, with travel expenses.

    The next thing is to look seriosuly at what you apply for, consider taking something else that you wouldn't normally want to do. Believe me it is easier to get a job if you are already employed...
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    I know it's really hard. I had the same problem for months, and it does really get you don't because it's not as if you don't want to/or can't work.

    I finally got temping work in an office. Have you thought about doing something like that?
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    thank you very much all of you, im going to go out there with my head up high and make something of myself. :)
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    Could you not go on some course? A lot of courses now have practical work experience with a company, if you can get your foot half way through the door your almost there. Yeah it means training but could give you full time employment at the end of it.

    Also the voluntary work that has already been stated. Say if you did voluntary work in a local community help centre, it gets you meeting people, hopefully give you more confidence and hopefully lead to a job.

    If I was a boss of a company and two people came for the same job, lets say one was unemployed but was doing voluntary work or going on whatever course and the other one was just unemployed. They both could do the job I had advertised, which one do you think I would employ?
    It would be the one who got up off their behind and had actually tried to better thereselves:)
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    oh im sorry to hear that you are getting depressed, but my advise to you is to put your cv into all employment agencys an dhope for the best, I would suggest not depending on the agencys to find you work coz you know you are just a number on there list. Have you many qualifications?
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    no not really, i have GCSE's but they are nothing much to shout about and a first diploma in performing arts.
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    Yeah, agencys are a good source of work, all be it usually short term work, but it gets you back into the swing of things. Also the volonteer thing is a good idea, you could even go back to your college and ask if you could help with the performing art classes or at a local amatur theatre, not only does it get your mind engaged and gives you something to put on your C.V. it also gets you meeting new people, and you never know, one of them may just need to employ someone.
    Anyway, best of luck, and Im sure something will turn up.
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    I have been unemployed since I graduated despite constant job searching. Most employers want someone with experience and thats where I fall down. At the moment I'm doing temporary work with my dad's company, but it can't go on forever. There's a graduate recruitment fair at the SECC soon, I will be going...
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    It dont sound silly cos i got down wen i was lookin 4 a weekend job n evry1 was gettin them and not me!Mines a little daft really but i no the feelin.It aint easy findin a job, iv seen it happen to close people and wen u cant find one its not nice.No1 wants to be sat on their bum all day living with nothing (there prob is someone)!Av u thort about goin 2 the jobcentre and doin sum trainin in some sort of work?i duno if u av qualifications or are goin 4 one specific job,but maybe this is a chance for u to change.Dependin on ur age u can do modern apprenticeships or evn go bak to col just to be doin something!Hope this helps and goodluck x x x x x x
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    ok so I'm only 17 and it was only for four months but it was still hard for me so although it's not as bad as an older person, i know the feeling in a smaller way.

    when i went to that shitty full time college (and the last thing i needed was a night job) i seemed to have no problem finding a job.

    when i quit college i couldnt find one for four months.
    this wasnt four months of flicking through a paper for jobs...this was 9-6 every day searching shops, warehouses, building sites, offices...

    fair enough i dont have the responsibility of a family to feed or a mortgage to pay for, but my dad belongs to the school of "kill the unemployed person" with a dash of "theres millions of jobs out there who need someone like you, worthless little scrounger shit", and i was almost kicked out the house and disowned.

    luckily i landed a part time job (dont think i could have taken much more depression) which i've now filled in an internal form to go full time. it's only a halfords store but its a start.

    one of the main things that sucked so much about the whole thing was that i was more than willing to work, have a perfect record (including going to america to work...shows a bit of dedication there, lol) and yet no one wanted me.

    like Man of Kent said; actually nailing the job is a whole different matter.
    just keep with it mate, as long as you keep those forms flyin you'll land a job.
    even if its only a shitty part time job in a shop or something, it's still a start.
    on the bit of the form that says "what sort of work do you want?" dont just tick full time...tick full time, part time, evenings, weekends, on the moon, in a cupboard...etc.

    like i said; even if its a shitty 3 hours a night job, at least you're earning a little cash and doing a little bit while you're applying for bigger and better jobs right?

    best of luck mate:)
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    It doesn't sound sily at all. i've been through those stages.

    I left uni oct 2001, it's taken me til now to find a job....I've been here 4 weeks, still on a temp contract but have been told I will be taken on permanently.

    it's a long hard slog finding a job, but keep looking and something will come up.

    It is hard when you've nothing to live off and I understand completely why your getting depressed.

    Job agencies are a great place to find work, they did keep me in jobs for more or less the whole of the last year, and I found this job through an agency. It might take a while tog et known at them, but after a few jobs, if they get good reports back on you they should start to think of your name whenever a job comes in. Thats whta happened with me anyway. I was always being told that if anything went wwrong they would look after me cos I was one of their best temps.

    The job centre's another good starting point, along with walking round town during the day. lots of shops are advertising for staff with it coming up to Christmas and everything. it might not be exactly what your looking for but it is work and money,.

    Like Becks said, try maybe getting onto a course and getting some more qualifications to stand you in good stead for your next job. Or voluntary work, it's not much but something you can put on your CV.

    Good luck and I hope you find something soon :)
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