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Gap year expeditions

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It doesn't seem like a very popular forum but here goes. I will be starting my final year at uni this October and after I graduate next year I want to take a year out before I decide what to do with myself.

I want to do some sort of conservation type thing along the lines of Greenforce or Raleigh International (and others) and I was wondering if anyone out there has first hand experience of what it's like. I've looked at loads of brochures, checked websites and I'm looking towards Greenforce but I'm damned if I know which country I want to go to (I think I want to go to all of them). If you've done this thing before, how did you decide?



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    I've just finished school and I'm going to Kenya in January to be a voluntary assistant teacher. I chose AV (Africa and Asia Venture) www.aventure.co.uk because they seemed really friendly, and from what I have seen since they are. Depends what you want to do. Try Year Out Group as they have links to different organisations.

    Good luck!!
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