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How do you juggle Work and Therapy?
I’ve been on the waiting list for CBT since November so just over 4 months... I know a lot of people wait longer so I’m quite lucky. But I don’t know what to do. Given how supportive work have been I thought they would be a little flexible with me, I mean obviously I would take the mick and would fit my appointments outside of work where possible but I thought they’d be a little be more understanding about it..

So when I was called and offered my first session the only times they had were when I would be at work.. I went for the later one meaning that 1.I could do it on my lunch break if possible but also I could cancel if I needed to...

So I went to the office the next day and explained I had notification that “I could start Therapy but on the bad news was that the hours weren’t very flexible”.. (I was hoping weekends would be an option but nope they close on weekends) It was the response I was expecting or at least in the way it was said. One of the managers said “I know they can do late appointments otherwise it’s just not possible.” So I cancelled my appointment and explained that I couldn’t attend that one and would need a later timed one. They said I’d have to go back on the waiting list so I am.. I got upset on the phone not because of changing appointments something else had happened that day to upset me. But the person on the other end must have left a note because I switched my phone on after work and had a voicemail from the well-being team checking if I was ok, due to having difficulty with not being able to attend the appointment. I will try to call them tomorrow and see what they say but I have a feeling the only way this will go is being back on the waiting list.

It also won’t make a difference but wether I’m at home or at work.. I’ll never have full privacy.. like I can always be overheard in some sort of way..


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    Hi @One-in-a-million ❤️I have CBT too and I find it hard to fit sessions in as well so I really don’t want to but when I really have to I cancel it because when the session is booked I’m at 6th form so it is hard I get what your saying but just don’t cancel it to many times because I don’t know about your therapy but mine is limited if you cancel so many sessions.

    Have you tried if you can text your therapist instead of phone? I’m very sorry that your work isn’t being very flexible with you that must be very stressful I know it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes
    I hope everything goes well for you In the end x
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    @One-in-a-million How are you feeling? I am glad that you are prioritising your mental health because that can affect your job. It might be worth letting your employer know and also looking into flexible therapy because then you can adapt therapy to your timetable. Like I said before, I am glad that you are prioritising your mental health even though this maybe a stressful dilemma.
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