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Lockdown Thingz

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We’re a couple of weeks into lockdown and even though I’m working during the week I’m still finding myself getting slightly bored at the weekends. So I thought I’d make a list of all the thing I like to do to keep busy in case anyone else was stuck for ideas of what to do. 

Firstly I love to bake, whether it’s for me and my family, my friends at work or my neighbours etc. Here are a couple of my favourite recipes. 

Sorry about the state of the recipe it’s well used 😂

Also 1 bag of chocolate chips (around 100-150g) 

Cream the butter and sugar together
Beat the egg in a separate bowl and then add it slowly to the creamed butter and sugar
Add the flour and vanilla essence
Add the chocolate chips
Then Bake

Warning the dough is quite stiff so thats normal. 

Colouring, there are loads of places where you can download colouring pages for free, there are also apps you can get where you can colour on your phone or tablet. Here’s a free colouring page I found to get you started. 

Watching TV shows or Movies. Here’s a couple I’ve watched lately and some of my favourites

TV shows

The good place


The umbrella academy




Thor ragnarok

Playing games. You can play games with other people or you can play games on your phone. Some of my favourite are 2048 and AMAZE. 

Going for walks. I like going for walks at my local woods. You can go with one other person (social distanced), so can use it as a time to catch up. 

Listening to music. I personally like to listen to music whilst doing other things. Here are some songs I like at the minute (my music taste is a bit weird so I tried to pic some more popular ones 😂) 

Drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo
Pierre - Ryn Weaver
Be there - Seafret

Talking to people. Your family/ friends or the community on here. It’s good to keep in contact with people even if you can’t see them in person. 

I hope everybody is staying safe. Let me know of any other things people are doing during lockdown. 

Today is a great day for a great day. 
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