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just looking for some tips/reassurance really :) I've just got a christmas temp job in retail. I haven't worked in retail since 2017, as when I moved to uni I then got a job at the students' union which I loved, but prior to that I was always in retail. I always felt pretty anxious in retail and so now returning back to it is just making me feel quite anxious again (it's a part time thing alongside my masters, not full time). so any tips/reassurance/advice would just be really appreciated please! 

thank you :heart:

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  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 650 Incredible Poster
    well..I have an update and now am seeking advice for something a little different haha! so I went for my induction, I didn't realise quite how long it was going to be (when I got there he said it typically takes four hours !!). about an hour and a bit into it I could feel myself getting panicky, so I asked to leave the room and ended up having a massive panic attack in the stock room. I felt super embarrassed by this, the staff were kind and helped me, but it was very embarrassing for me and I felt so uncomfortable then going back in to complete the induction haha! I honestly think it was just a mixture of being overwhelmed and exhausted. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, also started my masters course yesterday and that's already very busy, was already nervous about the job as mentioned above and was quite surprised at how long I was now going to be there for...think it just got too much inside my lil mind. 

    then there are also some other problems. the contract said 8 hours + overtime, but at my interview I said I'd like to just stick to the 8 as with uni and two volunteer roles 8 hours is about right. they also said I would be allowed weds/thurs/fri always off because thats when my uni course teaches. however when they pulled out my shifts I was scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. I dont know what hours tomorrow was meant to be, I had to say no straight away as I am at uni, but for Saturday and Sunday im in for 10 hours so that's already exceeding the 8, let alone what friday was meant to be. additionally, I was under the impression it would just be like stacking the shelves, maybe a bit of till work etc, but in the training I was being shown different ladders I will use in the stock warehouse, heavy lifting, cutting machinery etc. now, I have something called hypermobility syndrome, essentially just means I have flexible/bendy joints, buuuut part of that is that our joints can very easily dislocate, and our balance/co-ordination can be affected too so we are just in general a bit more clumsy than the average human being haha! I never mention it as it honestly doesn't affect me too much in life, but for things like heavy lifting, balancing on tall ladders, coordinating machinery, I dont trust myself with that. but by the time they were talking about this I had already had my panic attack so I was then feeling too anxious to say sorry, I have this thing, I dont feel comfortable doing that. 

    so now I am just feeling very overwhelmed and extra panicked haha! a large part of me is saying not to start the job. as I say, a lot on my plate right now which is all making me particularly anxious at the moment, it does seem quite silly to then add something unnecessarily stress inducing on top. but then I feel very guilty for wasting their time, and a bit nervous to call them up and tell them that! if I had an email contact for them I'd prefer to tell them that way, but I don't. but at the same time, very nervous to start on Saturday! 

    I'm basically just not sure what to do now haha - feel like I am in a bit of a pickle! 

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    I’m pretty bad at giving advice but I just wanted to let you know I understand how you feel. When I first started my job in retail we were given an induction on all the stockroom stuff too and I’ve never used it. I think they might just have to cover it in the induction just as a basic. On Saturday could you go and speak to someone and explain that you wouldn’t be able to go up ladders etc. 

    You shouldn’t be made to work over your contracted hours if you don’t want to, maybe this week they want you to work more because of training or something. 

    I’m sorry for this really shit advice. I hope Saturday goes okay xx
    Today is a great day for a great day. 
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    Thank you so much @errrin and @Dandelion, I really appreciate both of your responses! And @Dandelion you're not bad at giving advice at all, you've been very helpful :smile:

    I had a difficult night sleep last night because I was worrying about this, and that made me question my decision. I think I need to put myself first in this situation and not have too many additional stressors in my life, as I really need to focus on things that matter e.g, uni, volunteering and my mental health. I can't find an email address unfortunately, so I have decided to write a letter and I am going to pop this into the store today and ask someone to pass it on to the manager. I hope that's an okay thing to do!

    Thank you again for your support really means a lot X
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    I’m sure that would be absolutely fine. I agree it’s definitely better to put yourself first x
    Today is a great day for a great day. 
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 650 Incredible Poster
    Thank you so much @Dandelion ! I haven't heard anything from them so I can only assume it's all okay...a big relief :smile:
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    Heyyy @coc0mac, reading through this thread is amazing. Seeing the progress you made by yourself and also with the help of the Mix community is so cool. 

    How have you felt these last few days now you've decided you don't need a job? :) 
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    Hey @JamJar, thank you so much! :heart:

    Honestly, best decision! They never contacted me so I assume it was all fine, and I was supposed to be commuting to uni but my uni city is now in lockdown so it's now all online anyway SO saving a bunch of money :smile: Very relieved to have put myself first! X
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    Hey @coc0mac

    I just wanted to say that I think you totally made the right decision - Masters are stressful enough as they are, there is no need to add additional stress to it if you can help it. It's really good that you were able to listen to your body and make the right decision for you <3
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 650 Incredible Poster
    Thank you so much @Han93, that's very reassuring to read - means a lot! :heart:
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